What is the Intervention Team?

The Intervention Team is responsible for helping students who struggle with their academic lessons.  These services can range from consultations services to direct intensive lessons.  Students are chosen to receive these services based on their level of academic need through a committee of teachers called the CARE Team.  CARE team consists of administration, teachers, and specialists who evaluate the concerns for a particular student and offers resources to address those needs.  CARE team is responsible for making sure the students are receiving the appropriate level of intervention services.

The truth about inclusion.

You may hear the term inclusion used this school year.  Inclusion refers to the method of delivering services within the school environment.  Services such as Reading Specialist, Speech & Language, Resource, FALS, and other specialized services have traditionally been made available through pullout programs where the students are removed from the General Education classroom in order to provide the type of instruction these students need.  While some students will always require a certain degree of specialized instruction that cannot be provided in the General Education setting, research has shown that children benefit most from being in the General Education classroom as much as possible.  

It is with this in mind that Charlotte Anderson has begun a more inclusive approach to providing services this school year.  The intention of this approach is to provide the adaptations, interventions, accommodations, or modifications the students need in order to be successful in the General Eduction setting.  You may find that your child is pulled from the classroom less than they have been in the past.  Rest assured that they will still be receiving the same high-quality instruction you've grown accustomed to here at Charlotte Anderson.  We've just tweaked it in such a way to allow these students to have access to the same information as their peers.  

Response to Intervention

How will these things help my child?

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