Classroom Expectations

Expectations for Students

 Students are expected to attend classes on time and with the required materials.  A student absent due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances is responsible for collecting missed assignments, notes, tests, etc., and Mr. Anderson will set a deadline for such missed work.  If a student misses a day of class when a test/quiz has been scheduled, the student will complete the test on the day that he/she returns or receive a zero. 

 There is an expectation that students will become involved in the class on a daily basis.  This includes giving opinions and providing comments when appropriate.  There is a percentage of the overall mark that is awarded for classroom participation and oral work.

 All normal rules of behaviour in place at GFSS are enforced in this room.  Courtesy and respect are expected from everyone.  Students are encouraged to use the bathroom before class or at break.

 Specific Classroom Rules

 ·      No food in the classroom at any time. This includes gum. (I know, gum, right? The trouble is it ends up under the desks which is pretty disgusting.) Water is acceptable.

 ·      Late assignment marks will be reduced by 10% a day for the first three days after which they will not be accepted unless a satisfactory explanation is provided.

·       Cell phone use will be monitored in this classroom.  Any cell phone used in an inappropriate manner will be confiscated and locked in my filing cabinet. It MIGHT be available for pick-up at the end of the school day depending on how nice I feel.

 ·      Phone use will be allowed in class for the purpose of listening to music but only during those times when individual seat work is required.  Listening to these devices at any other time, or using these devices to watch videos or to play games, will result in the student losing the privilege permanently.

 ·      Refusal to do work on any given day will result in an immediate referral to the office.

 ·      Disrespectful or generally disruptive behaviour will result in ejection from the class and referral to the administration.

 ·         Do not expect to leave the room during class time.  Come prepared or do without.  Students will be given FOUR OPPORTUNITIES PER REPORTING PERIOD TO LEAVE THE ROOM if a reasonable need is expressed.  These will be tracked by me, and when all four have been used, you will no longer be allowed to leave during class time.  Students are required to use the sign-out sheet on the rare occasions where leaving the classroom is deemed necessary.


·         A late is a late regardless of the reason.

·         If a student is late coming from a previous class that teacher will give a note which will be accepted in place of a note from the office.

·         The expectation is students are at class on time and prepared to learn.

·         If you are frequently late, your parents and/or the administration will be notified.

·         You are late if you come unprepared (such as not having text, binder and writing implement) for class and ask toleave to retrieve these items.

·         Being late for class disrupts the learning process.

·         Consequences for being late will be according to current GFSS late policy.


·         Regular attendance is crucial to success in this class.

·         If you are absence without a legitimated excuse your parents and/or the administration will be notified.

·         If possible, parents should communicate with the office on the day (or day before) of excused absence.

·           Consequences for unexcused absences will be according to current GFSS attendance policy.