Irwinton Mill (aka Anderson Mill)

Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Updated: January 31, 2021

Irwinton Mill (aka Anderson Mill) is located on the Anderson Road in Montgomery Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. The Mill was also known as the Anderson Mill, Anderson Grist Mill, Anderson Roller Mill, and the McCune Mill.

The six pages on this web site contains information and pictures of the mill, the nearby Hays Fording Double Arch Stone Bridge, the Witherspoon "Red" Covered Bridge, and a working model of a northern grist mill and a working model of a southern grist mill.

The following is information and pictures of Irwinton Mill (aka Anderson Mill). The mill will be referred to on this web page as the Irwinton Mill (aka Anderson Mill) since the community now recognizes it as Anderson Mill. It was also referred to as the Anderson Roller Mill and the Union Roller Mill on some of the mill documents in our possession.

The Anderson Grist Mill is situated along the West branch of the Conococheague Creek, on Anderson Road in Montgomery Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. The mill, dam, waterwheels, and most of the machinery are operational and in good shape. Power for the mill is provided by the two turbine waterwheels turned from water of the Conococheague Creek. The Licking Creek feeds into the Conococheague Creek about one-half mile up stream from the mill.

Nearby the mill on the same scenic Anderson Road is the Hays Fording Stone Arch Bridge over the Conococheague Creek and the Witherspoon's "Red" Covered Bridge over the Licking Creek. Next to the mill is the historic stone house of the Irwin sisters with a link to President Benjamin Harrison.

Chester Anderson, great-grandson of Oliver Anderson purchased the 17-acre farm and grist mill in 1917. It was then known as Irwinton Mills. The picture of the mill, right side, was taken in the 1940 to 1950 time frame.

Chester operated the grist mill (currently known as Anderson Mill) until failing health (early 1970's), then his youngest son, Harry, continued the business. The Mill is no longer operated as a business, and tours are rarely given and then are coordinated with self-insured groups/organizations.

Harry Anderson, Rollie Anderson, Rodney Anderson were presented the 1995 Preservationist of the Year Award given by the Franklin County Heritage, Inc. for protection and preservation of the mill at a dinner at the Antrim House restaurant in Greencastle, Pennsylvania.

Four video tours of the mill were created while most of the machinery in the mill were in operation. The four DVD videos were narrated by Harry Anderson, Rollie Anderson, Rodney Anderson and Logan Horst. All are descendants of Chester Anderson. Each narrator either operated the mill or helped in the restoration and repair of the building and equipment.

Only one of the four DVD videos tours is currently available. This video was narrated by Rodney Anderson and updated with additional machinery during November 2019. This DVD can be purchased from Rollie Anderson by contacting him through these email sites: or The DVD can be picked in the Greencastle/Mercersburg areas for a small donation or mailed for a small additional fee.

Rollie Anderson, son of Chester Anderson, has built two working Model Grist Mills. Both mills are powered by water and are frequently displayed at nearby public events.

The following pictures were provided by different family members and were taken over many years.

The following Anderson Mill photographs were taken December 6, 2020 by Tanya Brown. Owner Harry Anderson decorated the mill for the 2020 Christmas season.

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This web site is also related to the Genealogy of Oliver Anderson and his related lines of Franklin County, Pennsyvania (Anderson, McCullough, McCulloh, McCune, Humphreys) which was documented by Elizabeth Wolff's book "Early History and Genealogy of the Anderson-McCullough-McCune Families and Related Lines of Franklin County, Pa. Much of her information and more current information provided by many other descendants of Oliver Anderson is on the Web Site: