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Plug Flat Tire

plug flat tire
    flat tire
  • (Flat Tired) This is a complete listing of episodes from the animated television series Garfield and Friends. The first episode of Garfield and Friends aired on September 17, 1988.
  • flat: a deflated pneumatic tire
  • A dull witted, insipid, disappointing date. Same as pill, pickle, drag, rag, oilcan
  • blockage consisting of an object designed to fill a hole tightly
  • Block or fill in (a hole or cavity)
  • Insert (something) into an opening so as to fill it
  • chew: a wad of something chewable as tobacco
  • Mention (a product, event, or establishment) publicly in order to promote it
  • fill or close tightly with or as if with a plug; "plug the hole"; "stop up the leak"

Little Spare Tire
Little Spare Tire
Yep, I had a flat tire this morning. I usually don't get out so early in the morning and not without having breakfast. But this was our Park Seed Retiree meeting morning and breakfast was going to be free today. I didn't even notice it at first, but as I backed out of the driveway I saw the tire making a mark and then wondered why the car was going bump, bump, bump Think it was the first flat I've had with this car. After I got the dinky jack and dinky spare out of the trunk I proceeded to get to work on an empty stomach on what was also probably the most miserable, coldest, windiest day of the season so far. Finally got the tire jacked up off the ground, but than couldn't loosen the nuts. Figured I was just getting too weak in my old age. Went inside and called Toyota place. They don't come out and change tires - manager suggested I put tire on ground to loosen nuts first before lifting. Did that and got them loosened = it wasn't easy. So halfway to the garage I figured I wasn't going to miss that free breakfast for nothing. Got there late, but in time to get a meal off the buffet. The happy ending to the story is it only cost me $2 to get the tire plugged plus 10 cents tax. I guess since I bought the tires from Toyota the service to them was included. Seem to remember now last time I got it serviced they didn't charge me for the rotation part since I had bought the tires there. Nice.
look what I found in my tire....
look what I found in my tire....
It is official, I can now change my own oil and PLUG A TIRE! I have saved a ton of money by plugging my tires, usually I have my neighbor do it but I have been wanting to do it myself. So last night I went out and bought a kit and plugged my first whole. The actual act of plugging the tire only took about 5 minutes but getting this drill bit out of my tire took me alomst 20 minutes. It was so far in I had to pry it out with a screw driver t. I went through my whole tool box trying to find something that would get this thing out! I have the worst luck with getting flats and now I have the tools to combat this luck. I am a damn expert at changing a tire, I only wish my car came with a full size spare and not a crappy donut. I hate those things.

plug flat tire
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