current and upcoming classes

Fall 2012: Introduction to Semantic Analysis (w/ Greg Carlson) LIN 225/425
                    Formal Pragmatics LIN 266/466

Spring 2013: Introduction to Linguistic Analysis LIN 110
                    Graduate Pragmatics LIN 535

prior classes (at UConn)

   Fall 2011:
            LING 5410: Semantics 1 (Grad)
            LING 3610W: Language and Culture (Undergrad)

Spring 2012:
            LING 6420: Topics in Semantics (Grad)
            LING 3610W (Honors): Language and Culture (Undergrad)    

prior classes (at UCSC)

Fall 2009-Winter 2010: Coordinator for Pedagogy of Linguistics for grad students.

Winter 2009: TA for Structure of Romance Languages (Primary Instructor: Donka Farkas)

Fall 2009: TA for Semantics I (Primary Instructor: Donka Farkas)

Spring 2009: TA for Semantics II (Primary Instructor: Adrian Brasoveanu)

Winter 2009: TA for Syntax I (Primary Instructor: Judith Aissen)

Spring 2008: TA for Pragmatics (Primary Instructor: Olga Kagan)

Winter 2008: TA for Semantics II (Primary Instructor: Pranav Anand)

Fall 2007: TA for Semantics I (Primary Instructor: Pranav Anand)