Scott AnderBois

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about me

I am currently Visiting Assistant Professor in the Linguistics Department at the University of Rochester.

research interests (downloads here)

My specialization is in semantics/pragmatics and its interfaces, especially that with syntax. 

Specific topics of interest include: appositives and other "backgrounded" content, bias, conditionals and other clausal adjuncts, disjunctions, indefinites, negation, quantifier scope, questions, sluicing and other ellipsis processes, and verum focus.

Beyond English, I explore these topics through regular fieldwork on Yucatec Maya, an indigenous language of Mexico.

In addition to traditional linguistic field methods, I also maintain an interest in the use of corpus and other quantitative methodologies to address these topics.


Fall 2012: Introduction to Semantic Analysis (w/ Greg Carlson) LIN 225/425
                    Formal Pragmatics LIN 266/466

Spring 2013: Introduction to Linguistic Analysis LIN 110
                    Graduate Pragmatics LIN 535