Multimedia Journalist/Videographer/Editor

Telling stories growing up was natural for me, but with a visual and aural focus. It could be through dance, trumpet, or even writing. I don’t just hear music; I see it. It's more than just eighth notes and dramatic crescendos; it's the war and fall of a Russian empire and a soldier’s last march to battle. A dance isn’t just a mixture of glissade derrières and arabesques, it is a passionate lovers pas de deux. And words, offer a rhythm that must tango across the tongue and titillate the ears. Videography can be a pure story-telling concoction of visuals and writing which offers a refreshing take on the economy, arts, or unique people of society. I am not content to settle into the 9 to 5 corporate prison of gray cubicles and buzzing fluorescents. Life is not factory lines. Life moves, changes, varies, and offers unexpected textures. I refuse to accept a stale belief that what I know at this very moment is all I need to know the rest of my life. 


Cannon XF300, GoPro, DSLR, Wireless Lavalieres, LED-950K Dual Light Kit, Shotgun Microphone, On-camera LED Light, Final Cut Pro, Audacity, ProTools, Soundtrack Pro, Photoshop, LiveType, Motion, After Effects, FTP, DVD Studio Pro

Contact: 916-220-4067  

Please visit the links Resume, Freelance Editing/Videography and Demo Reels to review my experience and view samples of my work.