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The Barn Door Furniture

the barn door furniture
    door furniture
  • Door furniture (British and Australian English) or Door hardware (North American English) refers to any of the items that are attached to a door or a drawer to enhance its functionality or appearance.
  • Metal accessories for a door, including hinges, handles, locks, bolts, latches and strikers
  • Decorative fittings on a door such as handles and plates
  • an outlying farm building for storing grain or animal feed and housing farm animals
  • A large and unattractive building
  • (physics) a unit of nuclear cross section; the effective circular area that one particle presents to another as a target for an encounter
  • A large shed used for storing vehicles
  • A large farm building used for storing grain, hay, or straw or for housing livestock
  • A barn is an agricultural building used for storage and as a covered workplace. It may sometimes be used to house livestock or to store farming vehicles and equipment. Barns are most commonly found on a farm or former farm.
the barn door furniture - Schleich Big
Schleich Big Red Barn
Schleich Big Red Barn
Big and red, the barn is where farm animals call home.
Just how you would imagine it to be, this big red barn has room for all of your favorite Schleich farm animals. With all the features of a life-size barn, this is the perfect place for any cat, cow, horse, or pig. Your cherished animals will enjoy their new home for generations to come.
Further Information:The buildings do not require extra tooling for easy assembly. The combination of top quality wood and plastic parts results in a product of excellent design and quality.

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pile o stuff
pile o stuff
Girls bedroom furniture and bedding for sale ($200): - 1 pink floral hanging lamp (needs hanging cord and bulb) - 1 desktop pink lamp (Pottery BarnKids) - four painted metal storage bins (from Pottery Barn) - two in pink and two in orange. - 1 pink and white dresser with custom knobs (IKEA - top can be re-painted) - 1 yellow and white nightstand with custom knobs (IKEA - top can be re-painted) - 1 green/pink floral duvet cover (Tommy Hilfiger) with two sets of coordinating sheets and pillowcases - 1 floral quilted comforter with coordinating sheets and dust ruffle - beaded door curtain - 2 throw pillows - 2 floral pillow shams (Company Store) - 5 small striped throw rugs (3x5 that could be taped together from the under side) - pink/yellow striped dust ruffle, floor pillow (with pillow included), 2 pillow shams, 6 fabric bows - 1 turquoise wall mirror with custom stickers :-)
Red Barn Doors
Red Barn Doors
These doors grace the entrance of a huge barn, typical of some barns seen back East, especially in New England. However, it is no longer used as a barn, but as a wonderful shop that sells handmade furniture, pottery, and all manner of nice things, which are made by a group of Menonites who live on the property. Jake and I went there, because we heard they made Sorghum, and yes, they did! We bought 2 pints, and had some on our pancakes the other day, and it was delicious! I think I'll use some of it for a gingerbread cake. We'll defeinitely head back to this place when we run out.

the barn door furniture
the barn door furniture
Fluted Crystal Glass Passage & OIL Rubbed Bronze Door Knob Sets for Modern Doors+includes Our New Secure Set Screw System. New Adjustable Latch
Our original Depression Crystal Passage knobs, perfect Reproductions - 1900s antique knobs, so perfect, they are interchangeable with antique hardware. To fit pre-drilled doors with standard 2-3/8, see attachment. This set will arrive with all the hardware needed to install in modern pre-drilled door with. The retrofit hardware contains: Tubular Latch set for with Striker Plate and matching screws, 2-1/2" Rosettes made the fit this particular knob and matching screws, Two hand made wood adapters, to Retrofit Modern Pre-drilled doors and threaded Spindle. Installation Instructions will be included, although they are this simple: (1) Install Latch, (2) Glue wood adapters with hot glue gun , (3) Secure door plates by tightening the Knobs , (4) drill pilot holes and fasten door plates with wood screw , (5) Then Adjust the door knobs and Bolt securely to the square side of the spindle. TOOLS NEEDED TO INSTALL THIS SET, one 3/16" slotted screwdriver and one Phillips head screwdriver. one hot glue gun (wood glue if glue gun is not available) power drill to drill pilot hole in the wood adapters. This set is also available in other finishes on Amazon listings: Oil Rubbed Bronze B003QKCSEC, Antique brass B003QIZC10, Polished Brass B003QJ5QKQ or Polished Chrome B003QKUZW4 FYI: We have developed retrofit kits for over 50 years, this is our original complete passage knob set, the lowest price set to install in modern pre-drilled doors. The spindle is pre-set to fit standard doors that are 1-3/8 to 1-3/4" thick Tubular Latch and Depression Crystal Knobs are the same as in the next price point. It is more labor intense to install the wood adapters then our more expensive sets, which we have developed. Great if you install yourself. Or you may wish to compare the improved features of the other prices points on Amazon which are less labor intense to install with improved self-connecting Rosette/Backplates that require no adapters. Here is the Amazon search link B003W6W9GM