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Furniture Style Pictures

furniture style pictures
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Tiraspol / Тирасполь (Transnistria) - Hotel Aist
Tiraspol / Тирасполь (Transnistria) - Hotel Aist
Detail of our hotel room in the Hotel Aist in Tiraspol. The cheaper Hotel Druzba (Friendship) has apparently closed down, so most tourists stay at the Aist. It’s a typical Soviet hotel, with furniture as shown in the picture, unfriendly and complicated stuff and some curious specials. For example, only one of the two elevators serve the six floors of the hotel, the other one is an “express elevator” to the “7th Heaven” (Sedmoe Nebo), a Buddhist styled local serving green tea with a yoga training hall annex. Price per night and person is at least 110 PMR-Roubles (slightly less then 10 €).
My New Vintage Style Cupboard Arrived !
My New Vintage Style Cupboard Arrived !
I found this so cute vintage style cupboard at a stylish online shop, special discount as it was the last one. So lucky that the shop owner didn't like the color and warned me several times before accepting the order. However, I was totally shocked at the first glance at it when it arrived yesterday, it was so amazing and much better than what I saw it on the picture ! Well, it is cute, isn't it :)

furniture style pictures