AND 2008

2nd Workshop on Analytics for Noisy Unstructured Text Data 

24 July 2008, Singapore 

an ACM SIGIR 2008 Workshop

Noise in text can be defined as any kind of difference between
the surface form of a coded representation of the text and
the intended, correct, or original text.

By its very nature, noisy text warrants moving beyond traditional text analytics techniques. Noise introduces challenges that need special handling, either through new methods or improved versions of existing ones.

After the highly successful AND 2007, that was part of IJCAI 07, in this second edition that is part of SIGIR 08, we hope to add the Information Retrieval communities perspective to this topic.

We invite you to submit your own unique perspectives on this important topic (see the cfp)

more on noisy text analytics...


*Workshop Proceedings*

The proceedings of AND 08 are available on ACM Digital Library.

*Journal Special Issue*

 International Journal of Document Analysis and Recognition: Special Issue on Noisy Text Analytics, Springer, Vol 12, No 3, September 2009. (Extended versions of selected papers from the workshop)

*Keynote by Donna Harman*

She has many notable contributions in IR but is most well known as the founder of TREC. She started TREC in 1992 which is considered the most important development in experimental information retrieval.


*Invited Talk by John Tait*

John Tait is Chief Scientific Officer of the Information Retrieval Facility in Vienna.





*Best Student Paper*

Rachit Arora won the best student paper award. Papers in which a student is the primary author (first author/presenter) were eligible for the best student paper.

*Financial Support*

Limited financial support is available for student authors to attend the workshop.


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