Upcoming Event

30th January_______________________________________

"Electron and Hydrogen Transfer
in Organic Photochemical Reactions"
Dr. Norbert Hoffmann
of Université de Reims
4pm Dillon Theatre

22nd January_______________________________________

"Metal Based Compounds:
New Tools in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology"
Dr. Angela Casini
of Univeristy of Groningen
1pm Dillon Theatre

29th November______________________________________

"Alkylation and Arylation"
Dr. Gerard McGlacken
of UCC
3.30pm Dillon Theatre

28th November______________________________________

"Teaching An Old Drug New Tricks - Overcoming Drawbacks Associated with Classical Platinum Drugs as Anti-Cancer Agents"
Dr Celine Marmion
4pm Dillon Theatre

13th November______________________________________

"Glycosyl Thiols: Preparation and Application in Carbohydrate Chemistry"
Dr. Xiangming Xhu 
of University College Dublin
2pm Dillon Theatre
24th October________________________________________

"Ti-mediated approaches for the preparation of compounds of therapeutic interest"
Dr. Stephane Gerard 
of the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne
4pm Dillon Theatre
17th October________________________________________

"Glycomic analyses identify a glycan critical for embryonic stem cell differentiation and a pancreatic cancer biomarker"
Prof. Michael Pierce 
of the University of Georgia
4pm Dillon Theatre
21st June___________________________________________

"Calixarenes: Verstaile Platforms for Self and Metal-Directed Assembly"
Dr Scott Dalgarno
of Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
4pm Dillon Theatre
17th June_____________________________________________

"When Chemistry meets Biology: An NMR Tale of Two Heme Proteins"
Dr Alex Volkov
of Jean Jeener NMR Centre, Brussells
2pm Dillon Theatre
14th June__________________________________________

"Bits of Metal Polypyridyl Complexes and DNA"
Prof Avinash Kumbhar
of Univeristy of Pune, India
4pm Room 231
18th April___________________________________________

"Signal Amplification Strategies for Biosensing"
Prof Haungxian Ju
of Nanjing University, China
4pm Dillon Theatre
28th March________________________________________         

"Understanding the Molecular Bases of Neurodegeneration"
Prof Annalisa Pastore
of National Institute of Medical Research
4pm Dillon Theatre

7th February________________________________________

"Electroactive Oxide Electrodes: Versatile Systems for
Many Applications in Electrochemical Technology"
Prof. Mike Lyons
of Trinity College Dublin
4pm Dillon Theatre

17th December________________________________________

"The Crystal Structure of the SIRT1 Catalytic Domain Complex
with and EX-527 Analog Reveals a Novel Mechanism of
Histone Deacetylase Inhibiton"
Dr. John Luz
of Eli Lilly, San Diego
4pm Dillon Theatre

13th December________________________________________

"Isotopically Labelled Saccharides: Biologically
Inspired NMR Studies of Strcuture and Mechanism"
Dr. Anthony Serianni
of Univeristy of Notre Dame
4pm Dillon Theatre
15th November_______________________________________

"Ionic Liquids: from the electronic structure up"
Dr. Patricia Hunt
of Imperial College, London
4pm Dillon Theatre
8th November________________________________________

"Control of the genome at the molecular level: a very close look at
the DNA repair machinery"
Dr. Elisa Fadda
of National University of Ireland, Galway
4pm Dillon Theatre
6th November_________________________________________

"Oxidation Catalysis in Practice: Reusable Iron Catalysts
for Selective Alkene and Alkane Reactions"
Prof. Bert Klein Gebbink
of Utrecht University
4pm Room 223
1st November_________________________________________

"Hydroxamic Acids: Versatile (Bio) Ligands"
Dr. Darren Griffith
of Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
4pm Dillon Theatre

17th October                                                                                    

"Quantum Chemistry applied to asymmetric
homogenous and biocatalysis"
Prof. Fahimi Himo
of Stockholm University
11am Siobhán McKenna Theatre
11th October                                                                                    

"Magnetic Tweezers: From single molecule force
measurements to high sensitivity measurments"
Prof. Gil Lee
of University College Dublin
4pm Dillon Theatre

9th October                                                                                      

"Powering Ahead with Solar Energy"
Prof. Lesley Yellowlees
of University of Edinburgh
5pm Larmor Theatre
14th September                                                                               

"Understanding, disrupting and reading the histone code for
gene regulation  using a new chemical
and supramolecular toolkit"
Dr. Fraser Hoff
of University of Victoria
2pm Dillon Theatre
August 21st                                                                                      

"Some Chemistry of 1,2,4 - Benzotriazine"
Prof. Panayiotis Koutentis
of University of Cyprus
4 pm in the Dillon Theatre