Prof. Haungxian Ju
Nanjing University, China
"Signal Amplification Strategies for Biosensing"
18th April 2013

Prof. Leslee Yellowlees
Univeristy of Edinburgh
The Eva Philbin Lecture of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland
"Powering Ahead with Solar Energy"
9th October 2012
Pictured with Prof. Paul Murphy and Dr. Niall Geraghty

Prof. Gil Lee
Univeristy College Dublin
"Magnetic Tweezers: From Single Molecule Force Measurements to
High Sensitivity Biosensors"
 11th October 2012

Prof. Fraser Hof
Univeristy of Victoria

"Undertanding, disrupting and reading the histone code for gene regulation
using a chemical toolkit"
14th September 2012

Prof. Panayiotis Koutentis
University of Cyprus
"Some Chemistry of 1,2,4-benzotriazine"
21st August 2012

Dr. John McGinley
NUI, Maynooth    

Prof. Rebecca Braslau

Dept. of Chemistry
University of California Santa Cruz

Eli Lilly Postgraduate Symposium

Eli Lilly Postgraduate Symposium

Prof. Hans Peter Wessel
of F. Haffmann-La Roche Ltd.

Prof. Hans Gabius 
of Ludvig Maximilians University Munich