The MLA 8th edition looks like it has undergone some changes compared to the 7th edition.  Actually, there are still a lot of similarities in the finished product--it's the way that they're approaching instruction of the style that's radically different than before.  The basic information you're putting in your Works Cited page is still the same, it's just that they've tried making it easier to remember what you need to cite by breaking the parts of their citation into nine main sections.  They've even provided a handy practice template you can use.

For citation examples, click on the appropriate resource below:

Blogs (also used for listservs and discussion groups)


Conference presentations (published--see Speech below for oral presentations)



Interviews (published/broadcast and conducted by researcher)

Lectures, Speeches, Conference presentations (oral)

Legal and Government

Movies (see YouTube for non-studio video examples)


Periodicals (Magazines, Journals, Newspapers)


Radio programs

Television shows

Web pages

YouTube and other online videos

If you need help with descriptions of each of the nine core elements, as they call them, check out our Works Cited main page