The APA citation style is most frequently used in the sciences and medical fields.  Ancilla College nursing students are expected to use the APA style.  At present, APA is on its 6th edition, with no known immediate plans to update, and it is this edition that is used here.

Most students just starting out in higher education are more familiar with MLA, which is commonly used in K-12, and they dread learning a new style.  However, APA is no more difficult than MLA and is, in fact, easier at times!  Websites in particular are easier to cite in APA, since MLA requires much more information.  And citing things like books and periodicals (newspaper, magazines, and journals) are no more difficult in APA than in MLA; the same basic information is needed, it's just arranged a little differently.

For citation examples, click on the appropriate resource below:

Interviews (published/broadcast)

Movies (see YouTube for non-studio video examples)

Periodicals (Magazines, Newspapers, and Journals)

YouTube and other online videos