Calendar of Events

This page gives details of the events that Ancient Wessex Members are planning for 2017.
Set out at the bottom are the events that were attended in 2016.

Members don't all turn up to every event, but there will be a variety of demonstrations and displays. Some of the events are workshops that must be booked, usually through the main organisers.
Please follow the links to find out more about the events at their websites.
If you want to check or clarify please contact the network at

The Ancient Wessex Facebook Page also lists events and gives some more details and feedback, often with images, we encourage our fans and followers to look at that and post their comments. But you don't have to have a Facebook account to just look at this page.

Ancient Wessex Diary -  2017 Events

The list is still being compiled as the events are confirmed (or negotiations break down!).
It was correct at "going to press" but may be subject to change, so check before going.

24th February (Friday) Bronze Casting Workshop at Dorset Centre for Creative Arts, Poundbury, Mark and Bill showing booked in members of the public how to cast bronze in various ways.

3rd March - Dorset County Museum 7.00pm for 7.30pm - Presentation by Dr. Kate Verkooijen (one of AWN's founders) - Tears of the Sun: Bronze Age Amber Spacer Beads - Tracking the connections between Wessex, Mycenae and Central Europe. 

1st & 2nd April Ancient Technology Centre "Prehistory Weekend" -

8th April - Walford Mill Crafts, Wimborne  - Raku pottery workshops 10am-4pm Bill and Jennie. See poster below and this link.

20th - 22nd April - Tenth Experimental Archaeology Conference EAC10, Leiden (NL) . Network members may be attending this, having enjoyed last year's.

29th April Butser Farm (Saturday) Beltane Festival [demos and sales] (opens to public 4:30pm includes Wicker Man burning!)

6th May - Walford Mill, Wimborne, Bead making workshop - Students will learn ancient bead making techniques and engage with Bead-maker, Ginny Evans to create beautifully decorated clay beads, which will be fired in a charcoal furnace (by Mark) and available to take away on the day.

20th & 21st May, Burton Bradstock, Spring Tide,  Hive Beach. THE NETWORK IS NOT INVOLVED WITH THIS EVENT THIS YEAR, but it will still be worth a visit!

22nd – 28th May, Bronzezeithof Uelsen, Germany . We have been invited to attend this event.....  "A new historical bronze casting event, to be held yearly. A festival for bronze casters to meet, exchange knowledge, work together on castings and experiments, discuss methods and also just have a good time together. The festival is organized by the Bronzezeithof"

27th May- 11th June Upwey Potters Annual Show - a chance to see the work and skills of Bill and Laurence Eastwood with other Upwey Potters

15th - 30th July  - British Festival of Archeology - usually a busy couple of weeks!

22nd - 23rd July - Salisbury Museum festival.

16th - 20th August Wilderness Gathering Negotiations have not begun yet.

26th & 27th August Oak Fair Stock Gaylard

2nd September Test Valley Woodfair

2nd - 3rd September Archeon NL prehistoric weekend.

16th - 17th September Oxford (?) Metal Detecting event

24th September St Catherines Hill, Christchurch History Day

Raku Pottery Workshop poster

Ancient Wessex Diary -  2016 Events
19th -20th March Ancient Technology Centre Prehistoric Weekend
20th March Walford Mill -Taster day.Beaker Pottery (Bill), Metal casting (Mark), Viking Jewellery (Will) 10am-4pm
9th April – Salisbury Museum – Bill Potting with youthful archaeologists.
23rd April Walford Mill - Metalcasting Day 10am to 4pm (Mark and helper)
25th to 29th April - Salisbury Museum - Mark & Bill Living History workshops for schools
30th April Butser Farm (Saturday) Beltane Festival (opens to public 4:30pm includes Wicker Man burning!) (Bank Holiday weekend)
21st -22nd May, Burton Bradstock, Spring Tide Hive Beach
19th June Evershot Fair
25th & 26th June - Walford Mill Craft Centre - Artsreach workshops
9th and Sun 10th July - Martinstown Artsreach - History Village
16th -17th July 2016 – Wimborne History Festival
23th & 24th July - Salisbury Museum festival.
30th July - Avalon Marshes
13th - 21th August – Bronze Forum, Oerlinghausen, Germany
27th & 28th August Oak Fair Stock Gaylard
3rd September Test Valley Woodfair
10th September - Avebury Festival
16th - 18th September Oxford Metal Detecting event in the Heart of the Cotswolds
9th October Walford Mill - Raku pottery day 10am-4pm Bill
5th November Walford Mill - Woodcarving day 10am-4pm (Mark)