Missing texts

The following are perhaps the most important texts of which I have not yet discovered any copies freely available online. Please feel free to contact me with further suggestions, or even better, with links to any missing texts in any language. Please note that, as it stands, this list is a subjective selection of what I think the most important gaps are. (Not everyone would agree with me, perhaps, that Malalas is an important omission.)

By far the most important gaps are in the areas of the Greek novel (in both Greek and translation); Greek lyric poetry (in translation); and Greek mathematicians (other than Euclid).

Please also note that I have neither the resources nor the time to make electronic copies of these texts from out-of-copyright editions myself; it is as much as I can do to keep the links in the catalogue up to date.

  • most Greek novels, both in Greek and in translation
  • lyric and choral poets other than Sappho, Bacchylides, and Pindar, both in Greek and in translation
  • scholia on all authors, especially non-Iliadic scholia
  • Aristotle, several works, in Greek (notably Categories and Physics)
  • Callimachus
  • "Dictys of Crete"
  • Dio, in Greek
  • Dionysios of Halikarnassos, in Greek
  • Epic Cycle fragments, especially Proclus' summaries, in Greek
  • Hesiod, Catalogue of Women fragments, especially in Greek
  • Hippocratic corpus (other than Peri hieres nouson), in Greek
  • Malalas, Chronographia, in translation
  • New Testament apocrypha and pseudepigrapha, in Greek
  • Plutarch, most Lives and essays, in Greek

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Last modified 18 August, 2008