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Lucius, Lucius, or the Ass See Lucian [attrib.], Lucius, or the Ass
Lycophron See Lykophron
Lycurgus See Lykourgos
Lydos, Ioannes Laurentios (a.k.a. John Lydus), complete works DCO (ed. I. Bekker, 1837 = CSHB edition; pdf file, 21.5 MB  
Lydos, Ioannes, De magistratibus Romani populi DCO (ed. I. Bekker, 1837 = CSHB edition; pdf file, 7.2 MB
Google Books (edd. J.D. Fuss and C.B. Hase, 1812; pdf file, 13.5 MB)
French: book 1: BCS (tr. M. Dubuisson, 2000)
Lydos, Ioannes, De mensibus DCO (ed. I. Bekker, 1837 = CSHB edition; pdf file, 5.6 MB
Google Books (edd. C.B. Hase, G.F. Creuzer, W. Röther, 1827; pdf file, 15.6 MB)
Lydos, Ioannes, De ostentis DCO (ed. I. Bekker, 1837 = CSHB edition; pdf file, 5.4 MB  
Lykophron of Chalkis, Alexandra Google Books (ed. L. Bachmann, 1830; pdf files): copy 1 (35.6 MB) | copy 2 (34.6 MB) | copy 3 (35.3 MB)
Gallica (ed. D. Christopherus, 1547; pdf format)
Theoi (tr. A.W. Mair, 1921)
Lykophron "the sophist", fragments (tr. K. Freeman, 1948)
Lykourgos of Athens, Speeches Perseus (ed. J.O. Burtt, 1962) Perseus (tr. J.O. Burtt, 1962)
Lysias, Speeches Perseus (ed. W.R.M. Lamb, 1930) Perseus (tr. W.R.M. Lamb, 1930)
Malalas, Ioannes, Chronographia Google Books (ed. L.A. Dindorf, 1831 [= CSHB edition]; with Latin translation; pdf files): copy 1 (39.3 MB) | copy 2 (39.8 MB) | copy 3 (40.5 MB)
DCO (ed. Dindorf; pdf file, 46.5 MB)
book 8: (tr. anon.)
Megara   Theoi (tr. J.M. Edmonds, 1912)
Melissos of Samos, fragments (tr. K. Freeman, 1948)
Menander of Athens, Dyskolos (The Grouch) Mikrós Apóplous (ed. F.H. Sandbach, 1972; zipped Microsoft Word document) Fairfield University (tr. V.J. Rosivach, 2003)
Menander, Epitrepontes (The Arbitration)   Warwick University (tr. and reconstruction S. Goetsch)
University of Texas (tr. and reconstruction Goetsch)
Menander, Misoumenos (The Self-Hater) Fragment: Oxyrhyncus Online (jpeg image of P.Oxy. 3368)  
Menander: other resources The Grouch (Dyskolos) by Menander: An example of Greek New Comedy, by Norine Polio (Yale University)
Metrodoros of Chios, fragments (tr. K. Freeman, 1948)
Mimnermos of Kolophon, fragments Selection: Mikrós Apóplous (ed. various; zipped Microsoft Word document) French: Nimispauci (tr. E. Bergougnan, 1940; pdf format, 6.2 MB)
Moschos of Syracuse, Idylls   Project Gutenberg (tr. A. Lang; various formats)
Theoi (tr. J.M. Edmonds, 1912)
French: Nimispauci (tr. E. Chambry; pdf format, 7 MB)
Mousaios (a.k.a. Musaeus) (pre-Sokratic), fragments (tr. K. Freeman, 1948)
Mousaios "Grammatikos", Hero and Leander (Ta kath' Hero kai Leandron) Bibliotheca Augustana (ed. H. Färber, 1961)
Mikrós Apóplous (ed. Färber; zipped Microsoft Word document)
Nausiphanes of Teos, testimonia (tr. K. Freeman, 1948)
Nazianzen (i.e. Gregory of Nazianzos) See "Church Fathers"
Nearchos, Indike: resources Article about Nearchos by J. Lendering (
Neophron of Sikyon, Medeia (fragments)   Diotima (tr. C. Luschnig, 1999)
Nessas of Chios, testimonia (tr. K. Freeman, 1948)
New Testament (a.k.a. Kaine diatheke) Perseus (edd. B.F. Westcott and F.J.A. Hort, 1881)
Ralph Hancock Editing (zipped Microsoft Word document)
Bibliotheca Augustana (ed. U. Harsch, 2002)
Tony Fisher's homepage (ed. anon.) (ed. anon.)
Text with audio recording: CCEL (ed. Wescott and Hort; recording by M. Phemister, 2001; mp3 format)
The versions below also contain the Old Testament:
Perseus (ed. Rainbow Missions, = revision of American Standard Version of 1901)
World English Bible (available in a variety of formats, and at various different sites)
Latin translation ('Vulgate', tr. Jerome, except where otherwise noted):
Perseus (ed. Bible Foundation and OBI)
New Testament apocrypha (trr. various)
Northwest Nazarene University (trr. various.) (trr. various) (find links near bottom of page, trr. anon.)
Gnostic Society Library
Gnostic texts, from Gnostic Society Library: Nag Hammadi library (with search engine) | Manichaean texts | Mandaean texts | Cathar texts | alchemical texts | Valentinian texts. See also Corpus Hermeticum
Nicander scholia Gallica (ed. Fr. Dübner, 1849; pdf file, 60.4 MB)
Nikomachos of Gerasa, Arithmetical introduction (a.k.a. Introductio arithmetica) vol. 1: (ed. R.G. Hoche, 1866; pdf file) (ed. Hoche; text/DjVU formats)
Nonnos of Panopolis, Dionysiaka Google Books (ed. D.F. Graefe, 1819-26; pdf files): Books 1-24 (18.1 MB) | Books 25-48 (20.9 MB)
Books 25-48: DCO (ed. Graefe; pdf file, 17 MB)
Books 1-5: Bibliotheca Augustana (ed. R.J. Jackson, 2000)
Books 1-14: Theoi (tr. W.H.D. Rouse, 1940) French (complete): (tr. Comte de Marcellus, 1856)
Nonnos, other works DCO (edd. various; pdf files)  
Nossis of Locri   EG 1 and 11: Diotima (tr. D. Rayor, 1991)
Gow-Page 1, 3-4: Diotima (tr. M.B. Skinner, 2000)
Nostoi (Returns) See "Epic Cycle"
Nyssa, Gregory of See "Church Fathers"
"Old Oligarch", Constitution of the Athenians (Athenaion Politeia) [NB. = pseudo-Xenophon; for pseudo-Aristotle, see Athenaion Politeia] Perseus (ed. E.C. Marchant, 1920)
Bibliotheca Augustana (ed. E. Kalinka, 1913)
Perseus (tr. E.C. Marchant, 1984)
Project Gutenberg (tr. Dakyns; various formats)
French: Nimispauci (tr. P. Chambry, 1958)
Old Testament See Septuagint; see also Deuterocanon; see also Pseudepigrapha, Old Testament
Olympos, testimonia   Theoi (tr. J.M. Edmonds, 1922)
Onosandros, The General (a.k.a. De optimo imperatore)   French: Nimispauci (tr. Guischardt, 1760)
Oppian scholia Gallica (ed. Fr. Dübner, 1849; pdf file, 60.4 MB)
Origen See "Church Fathers"
Orpheus [attrib.], fragments (tr. K. Freeman, 1948)
Orphic hymns   Theoi (tr. T. Taylor, 1792) (tr. Taylor)
Oxyrhynchus Papyri See Papyri

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