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Babrius, Valerius, Fables
(See also Aesop, Fables) (ed. B. Perry)  
Bacchylides Perseus (ed. R.C. Jebb, 1905) Perseus (tr. D. Svarlien, 1991)
Bacchylides: other resources Bacchylides Bibliography, Universiteit Leiden
Basil "the Great" See "Church Fathers"
Batrachomyomachia (Battle of the Frogs and Mice) Bibliotheca Augustana (ed. U. Harsch, 2006) OMACL (tr. H.G. Evelyn-White, 1914)
Project Gutenberg (tr. Evelyn-White; various formats)
Berossos, a.k.a. Bel-re'ušunu, Babyloniaka (Babylonian History): resources Article about Berossos by J. Lendering (
Bible See Septuagint, Deuterocanon, Pseudepigrapha, New Testament, or New Testament Apocrypha, as appropriate
Bion, poems   Project Gutenberg (tr. A. Lang; various formats)
Theoi (tr. J.M. Edmonds, 1912)

French: Nimispauci (tr. E. Chambry; pdf format, 7 MB)
Callimachus of Cyrene, Hymns   Theoi (tr. A.W. Mair, 1921)
Hymn 3 (to Artemis): Jean Alvares' homepage (tr. anon.)
Callimachus, Aitia Prologue: Oxyrhyncus Online (jpeg image of P.Oxy. 2079 fr. 1)  
Callimachus, Complete works   French: Nimispauci (tr. J. Trabucco, pdf format, 2.7 MB)
Callinus See Kallinos
Callisthenes See Kallisthenes
Callistratus See Kallistratos
Cassius Dio See Dio
Catalogue of Women See Hesiod, Catalogue of Women
Cebes See Kebes
Cercidas See Kerkidas
Certamen See Contest of Homer and Hesiod
Chariton, Chaireas and Kallirhoe   Synopsis: Petronian Society (Jean Alvares)
Chrysostom, John See "Church Fathers"
Church Fathers Migne Patrologia Graeca: DCO (edd. various; index by volume)
Further texts: DCO (edd. various, from various sources incl. TLG; index by author)
38-volume edition of Ante-Nicene, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers: CCEL (trr. various; various formats)
Other texts, complementary to the above: (trr. various)

Other links: (trr. various)
Northwest Nazarene University (trr. various) (trr. various) (trr. anon.)
Polemics against Gnosticism: Gnostic Society Library
Claudius Aelianus See Aelian, Claudius
Cleanthes See Kleanthes
Cleostratus See Kleostratos
Clitarchus of Alexandria See Kleitarchos
Colluthus See Kolouthos
Contest of Homer and Hesiod (a.k.a. Certamen)   OMACL (tr. H.G. Evelyn-White, 1914)
4Literature (tr. Evelyn-White)
Corinna   Corinna 1 (PMG 655): Diotima (tr. D. Rayor, 1991)
Corpus Hermeticum (tr. G.R.S. Mead, 1906)
Gnostic Society Library (tr. Mead)
Council, Ecumenical See "Church Fathers"
Crates See Krates
Critias See Kritias
Ctesias of Cnidus See Ktesias of Knidos
Cypria See "Epic Cycle", Kypria
Cyril (or Alexandria, of Jerusalem) See "Church Fathers"
Damascenus (i.e. John of Damascus) See "Church Fathers"
Damascius: resources Damascius bibliography (Plato Transformed site, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
Damon of Athens (a.k.a. Damon of Oa), fragments (tr. K. Freeman, 1948)
"Dares the Phrygian" (Greek version is not extant) Latin: DCO (ed. anon.)
Dead Adonis   Theoi (tr. J.M. Edmonds, 1912)
Demades, On the Twelve Years Perseus (ed. J.O. Burtt, 1962) Perseus (tr. J.O. Burtt, 1962)
Demetrios of Phaleron, On Style (a.k.a. De elocutione)   Peithô's Web (tr. W. Rhys Roberts, 1902)
Demokritos of Abdera, fragments (tr. K. Freeman, 1948)
Demosthenes, Letters Perseus (ed. W. Rennie, 1931) Perseus (tr. N.W. DeWitt, 1949)
Demosthenes, Prooimia (Exordia) Perseus (ed. W. Rennie, 1931) Perseus (tr. N.W. DeWitt, 1949)
Demosthenes, Speeches (complete; by number) Perseus (complete speeches): 1-10 (ed. S.H. Butcher, 1903) | 11-20 (ed. Butcher, 1903) | 21-30 (edd. Butcher, 1907, and W. Rennie, 1921) | 31-40 (ed. Rennie, 1921) | 41-50 (ed. Rennie, 1931) | 51-61 (ed. Rennie, 1931) Perseus (complete speeches): 1-10 (tr. J.H. Vince, 1930) | 11-20 (trr. various, 1926-1930) | 21-30 (trr. various, 1935-1939) | 31-40 (tr. A.T. Murray, 1939) | 41-50 (tr. Murray, 1939) | 51-61 (trr. various, 1939-1949)
4Literature (selected speeches, by title; tr. T. Leland)

Français (incomplets): Nimispauci (tr. C. Poyard, 1929)
Demosthenes, Olynthiacs and Philippics See Demosthenes, Speeches (above) Project Gutenberg (tr. C.R. Kennedy; various formats)
Deuterocanon (a.k.a. Old Testament Apocrypha)
See also Septuagint; see also Pseudepigrapha, Old Testament
Bibliotheca Augustana (ed. U. Harsch, 2002) (tr. various)
Selections: Northwest Nazarene University (tr. various)
See also Septuagint; see also Pseudepigrapha, Old Testament
Dinarchos Perseus (ed. J.O. Burtt, 1962) Perseus (tr. J.O. Burtt, 1962)
Dio, Cassius, Roman History   LacusCurtius (tr. E. Cary, 1914-27)

Up to book 41: (tr. E. Gros, 1845)
Livres 68-72: Mediterrannées (trr. E. Gros and V. Boissée, 1845-70)
Diodoros of Sicily, Library Gallica (ed. F. Vogel and C.T. Fischer, 1985; pdf format: Vol. 1 | Vol. 2 | Vol. 3 | Vol. 4 | Vol. 5)
Fragments of books 9-10; books 11-17: Perseus (ed. C.H. Oldfather, 1989)
Fragments of books 9-10; books 11-17: Perseus (tr. C.H. Oldfather, 1935)
Books 4-6: Theoi (tr. Oldfather)
1.13-27: University of Saskatchewan (tr. Oldfather)

German: book 1: (tr. J.F. Wurm, 1827)
French: (tr. Terrasson, 1737)
Diodoros: other resources Article by J. Lendering about Diodoros (
Diogenes of Apollonia, fragments (tr. K. Freeman, 1948)
Diogenes Laertius, Lives of the Philosophers (a.k.a. Vitae Philosophorum) Mikrós Apóplous (ed. H.S. Long, 1964) (ed. anon. [= Budé]; with French)
Google Books (ed. anon. [= Budé]; with French; pdf file, 12.5 MB)
Peithô's Web (tr. C.D. Yonge)
Nimispauci (tr. R. Genaille, 1933) (tr. J.G. de Chaufepié, 1761 [= Budé]; with Greek)
Google Books (tr. de Chaufepié [= Budé]; with Greek; pdf file, 12.5 MB)
Dionysios the Areopagite See Church Fathers
Dionysios Chalkous (the Bronze), Elegies   French: Nimispauci (tr. E. Bergougnan, 1940; pdf format, 6.2 MB)
Dionysios of Halikarnassos, Roman Antiquities   LacusCurtius (tr. E. Cary, 1937-50)
Dionysios of Thrace, Art of Grammar (Techne grammatike) Bibliotheca Augustana (ed. Harsch, 2002)
Google Books, "Anecdota Graeca" vol. 2 (ed. I. Bekker, 1816; pdf file, 21.5 MB)
Dionysios of Thrace scholia Google Books, "Anecdota Graeca" vol. 2 (ed. I. Bekker, 1816; pdf file, 21.5 MB)  
Diophantos of Alexandria, complete works (incl. Planudes' commentary) (ed. P. Tannery, 1893-1895; pdf file)
Gallica (ed. W. Xylander, 1575; pdf file)

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