Was there an ancient worldwide civilization ?
All around the world there can be found ancient megalithic stonework. Though conventional history generally attributes these works to known civilizations, the evidence suggests that they were, in fact, made by much older civilizations. Since these works still defy explanation, historians continue to regurgitate what they were taught and ignore the evidence staring them in the face. 

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Perfectly Fitted Megalithic Stones

Many of the stone walls built by the ancients still have perfect joints today. Not only does the size of these stones inspire awe, but the way they were fit together with such precision is beyond what we could accomplish today. The largest stone is estimated to weigh 361 tons ! Why did they build with such large stones if it was so hard to quarry, move and fit them ?  Maybe it was easy for them ?


                                                                                   Foundations at Sacsayhuaman Peru
                                                     The largest stones in these walls weigh between 128 and 200 tons ! These stones are
                                                      fitted together with unmatched precision, and are built to withstand earthquakes.
                                                              How was work like this possible with primitive tools ? 

This one is on Easter Island                                         The Osirion in Egypt. Notic the knobs on the wall just like whats found in South America. Second pic is Cusco Peru.


Wall in Cusco Peru                                                           The Stone of the Pregnant Woman at Baalbek Lebanon and similar stones at The Temple Of Jupiter.
                                                                                                 That stone and another like it were left in the quarry. How do you quarry, transport and
                                                                                                  place a stone weighing 1000 to 1200 tons ? Do you think the Romans could do this ?


Another wall at Machu Pichu                                                            This a wall at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo


Similar casing stones in Egypt.                                                         Another shot from the temple in Tokyo. Similar to Cusco ?

This picture shows two different types of stone                                               This wall is at The Temple of Apollo at Delphi. We know the Romans 
 construction and is some of the evidence for an                                             built upon older Greek work. Could the Greeks have built upon a 
 older civilization. The stonework on top is Inca.                                              previous structure ?
 On the bottom is pre-Inca. There are many sites
 where later people rebuilt upon the older work
 they found. None match the construction
 techniques used in previous times.

Another shot from Delphi. The Roman building crumbled in an earthquake, the Greek structure
succumbed also, but not this wall !

In this clip Brien Foerster shows the different types of construction in Cusco.

Brien's YouTube Channel      http://www.youtube.com/user/brienfoerster

       Puma Punku

Puma Punku in Bolivia. What can I say ?      

Keystone Cuts

Ancient builders around the world used similar techniques to join stones. Once carved, molten metal was poured into the joint to strengthen it and stop lateral movement. Did these techniques develop on different continents separately or was there a worldwide civilization creating these works ? 

Keystone cut in Egypt

Keystone cuts in Peru


You can't have a discussion about Ancient stone works without including Pyramids. Again they are found all around the world and on every continent. There are many mysteries surrounding the pyramids of the world. When and how were the built ?  How were they aligned so precisely with the cardinal directions ?  Again these are things we'd be hard pressed to do today !


  The pyramids at Giza                                                                                               The Great Pyramid

Why are there no hieroglyphics in the pyramids ?  Why are there none in the Osirion or the Valley Temple of the Sphinx ?  Why are we taught that they are tombs when there has never been a single mummy found in one ?


Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán                                                                                The Osirion in Egypt. This was buried 50 ft below the Temple of  Seti I above
                                                                                                                                    And is attributed to that same time. Does that make sense ?


One in China                                                                                         The Valley Temple of the Sphinx. Very similar to the construction of the 
                                                                                                                                    Osirion and also no Hieroglyphics.

Egypt: Philae (Brooklyn Museum) Tags: building art history archaeology stone architecture buildings carved ancient egypt relief doorway egyptian temples pharaoh horus gods lantern symbols monuments philae archeology tombs hieroglyphs handtinted brooklynmuseum reliefs  ptolemaic pharoahs pharohs  templeofisis   enscribed   circularheaddress ptolemyxii euergetesii  bm:unique=s1008philae9653 heiroglyhics                                                              

 Typical of how Egyptians covered their temples Hieroglyphics.                                 The Great Sphinx. How old is the Sphinx ?

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