Rhetoric is the study of misunderstandings and their remedies.
- I. A. Richards

This site houses materials designed to aid in teaching and learning about ancient rhetoric. It features eight recent essays that discuss the 
rhetorical tradition as it has been conceived through the work of a few major classical figures. 

Much of the conversation happening among these writers, and in the field of ancient rhetoric today, is focused around a reconsideration of the historically accepted traditions of these early figures and an insistence that the often narrow conceptions about philosophy and rhetoric that we have come to assign to these classical works should be investigated against a more robust contextual understanding.

The teaching materials are constructed to help break down the content of the essays in a visually-driven, digestible format. You'll find short summaries and tag clouds for each piece, as well as slideshows of selected quotes which utilize color and textual juxtaposition to highlight main ideas and distinctions.