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Cuneiform Texts

The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature

This looks like a very useful source that has both transliteration and translation of Sumerian texts. It is well sourced also, allowing one to easily find the published source.

ETANA (Electronic Translations)

This has a small number of translated documents.

In Cuneiform/Transliteration

Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI)

Catalog of thousands of cuneiform tablets with photographs, line art, and transcription.

Digital Corpus of Cuneiform Lexical Texts (DCCLT)

Lexical texts and lists are brought together from many periods here.

Codex Hammurabi: Textus Primigenius

Autograph of the code of Hammurabi. Great for practicing old Babylonian lapidary cuneiform.


Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary (PSD)

This is the standard lexicon for Sumerian, and its references are linked with the CDLI, ETCSL, and DCCLT. One can also search in Akkadian for the corresponding Sumerian word.

Akkadian Dictionary

This is a handy resource for a quick look up.

Chicago Assyrian Dictionary

The PDF's of all the published volumes of the CAD are available and searchable. This is a very hand reference, and more useful perhaps than the printed version.

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