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Ancient Mesopotamia Achievements& Inventions.

By: Miya Nourie

Cuneiform was the first known system of writing, but we must give credit to the Mesopotamians. Systems of writing were very important. Cuneiform was the main system. The used big wedged-shaped tablets to write on. For cuneiform you have to use a “stylus” to create the writing. The stylus was used to carve the pictures or writing for the Mesopotamians. Cuneiform is like other writing systems, it has another name known as pictographs. Pictographs come from China. There were many places that used Cuneiform, but they got the idea from Mesopotamia. Although Cuneiform wasn’t the only thing they invented, but there wasn’t much you could invent back in ancient times.
Transportation was key to all civilizations. You had to find a way to travel. To trade your goods and go to war.  Mesopotamia created “The Sailboat.” They used it to travel through the sea, to go to other countries.  Although the sailboat wasn’t the only thing they had to use for transportation. They made “The Wheel.” They wheel allowed you another way to travel. The wheel had many uses, one being to carry goods. If you didn’t feel like walking, you could have a slave drag your wheel from place to place.

If you had a way to travel, how did you know where you were going? Well, the Mesopotamians did you a favor and created the map. The map allowed you to be able to see where exactly you were going, so you wouldn’t get lost. Maps had the rivers, countries, lakes, and everything you could think of. They knew they needed something to help direct them places. So the invention came to great use!
Their daily use inventions were very important. They created many things like the calendar, pottery, and their own mathematics system. The pottery had to do with a lot of their living. They had to have them to be able to eat and drink. Also to cook in! Pottery was made for many uses; they made bowls for flowers, baskets, and cooking use.

  Mathematics and the calendar were extremely important. Mathematics made spending money and trading much easier, instead of giving random amounts. They need math numbers to be able to put on calendars. Calendars allowed them to keep up with farm day, deciding when it was a good day to crop goods or it was going to rain. They also need calendars to keep track of holidays an<d special events. There were many inventions they created that still continue today!