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Purchase Remainder of Van Trip Conveniently!

posted Jul 16, 2018, 7:47 PM by Shifu RC
Our Ancient Kentucke Historical Association trip for the 14th Annual Ancient American Conference in Harris, MI, will be two vans, with two drivers for each van.

You decide which one. 

Van (1) will drive straight through, a 11 hour drive, leave the 4th of October and back the 7th following the program on Sunday. 

Van (2) will leave a day early, and overnight each way at some hotel, with stops to explore some ancient archaeological sites along the way.

The Van transportation cost is $100 per person, payable to Ancient Kentucke Historical Association. 

All other costs must be handled individually--rooms at the Resort Casino, Conference fees and foods directly with the conference (see link below) 

Group conference group fee is $75 (for 20 people or more). 

Fewer than 20 people and entrance fee is $150 till July 3, $185 after that. 

Deadline to sign up is July 25, 2018.

Conference Details:

Contact AKHA president, Lee Pennington, with questions.