Mfundishi Akeweya N. Tirhakah Bey, Host of
Ancient Kemetic Moors of the Resurrection Mystery Temples

Studio B
4pm PST, 7pm EST

Though he was born during the great depression he found a way to follow his bliss because he knew in his heart there was something greater than the hunger in stomach of millions. He hungered with all the rest yet his soul hungered to know truths, signs of which were all about though not taught in the history books

Born and raised in Louisville, KY. After graduating from St. Augustine Catholic High School, he joined the US Air Force and served as a parachute rigger, in Seoul, Korea. There he became interested and involved in the study of Martial Arts. Later he traveled to Japan to further his studies and skills in the art and discipline associated with it.,br>
In 1955, he developed the Kenyatta Chaun Fa Wu Shu School, which brought certified Martial Arts to the African American community in Louisville. Along with the Art, he taught the Kemetic, also known as ancient Egyptian, origin of the art that included African history and perspective of spirituality. The curriculum evolved out of his belief that Martial Arts is a way of life that teaches mastery of self and spiritual development through knowledge of self and self discipline.

Mfundishi has the rank of Supreme Grand Master has contributed to the development of other Grand Masters and Masters throughout the country. He has trained over four hundred Yudanshis, who are certified 4th degree Black Belts Martial Artists, located in over six different states. In 2005, he was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Chicago, Illinois
Along with his study of the ancient arts of self defense, he continued his pursuit of knowledge of the development of the individual, family and community and received a B.A. in Human Services from the University of New York Empire State in 1983. His interest in theology and philosophy motivated him to complete a study of Ancient Egyptian Philosophy. In 1985 he received his Masters Degree from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 1985 and was ordained in 1996 into the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

From 1985 to 1999 he developed and pastored first the New Creation African Lutheran Church in Louisville, and then the St. Maurice African Lutheran Church in Lexington, KY.

In October 2007, in Baltimore, MD, Tirhakah Bey was made Grand Sheik and Divine Minister of Ancient Kemetic Moors of the Resurrection Mystery Temple and Moorish governor of KY.

As an adapt in Kemet he continues his research of its civilization, philosophies, history, and spirituality, as well as the teaching the application of Psychic Self Defense .

He and his wife, Neferu Justina Sanders, opened the Ancient Kemetic Culture Institute at 1800 W. Muhammad Ali Boulevard in Louisville, KY. They continue to offer knowledge for self and community development through access to books and programs of study as well as space to gather and develop solutions to critical issues that are faced by individuals, families and communities.