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Daily Life

A Corinthian's daily life involved, if he/she was a child, going to school and possibly military school. As trading was a vital part of Corinthian life, adult citizens often went to the Agora, or public marketplace to trade goods that they made. Some oversaw the money exchange that occurred at Corinth's banks. Corinthians spent much of their time making vases, pottery, and statues.

For leisure, Corinthians could talk and discuss at the Agora, worship the gods at various temples (including but not limited to the Temple of Aphrodite and the Temple of Apollo,) or watch a drama production at the theater.

Corinth was a bustling port city, so Corinthians always had many foreign traders to trade goods with. This was very practical as Corinthians were not only traders but excellent craftsmen. This way, they could trade the valuable goods they made for necessary resources.