Mission 4: King Tut

Can you imagine becoming the President of the United States when you were in the 4th grade? In Ancient Egypt, something similar happened to a boy called Tutankhamen. When he was about ten years old, he became Pharaoh (King) of Egypt. That's right- at ten years of age he was the ruler of one the most powerful dynasties our world has ever known. 

King Tut ruled Ancient Egypt for close to eleven years. At the age of twenty-one he died. Some of our findings lead us to believe that the death of King Tut was no accident. He may have been murdered!  If King Tut was only ruler for around eleven years, why do we know so much about him? The answer is simple. His tomb was so well hidden that it was not found until 3,000 years later. It had never been ransacked and looted (like many of the other great tombs), so his treasures were left intact and many were still in great shape. 

Your mission:

Part 1: Find out as much as you can about King Tut. Take notes on the following questions:

  1. Who was King Tut?
  2. Where and when was King Tut's tomb discovered?
  3. How long was his tomb undisturbed?
  4. How old was King Tut when he died? 
  5. Is there any information about his death? 
  6. Who succeeded Tut to the throne? 
  7. What other "facts" are included about his death?
Part 2: Becoming the Boy Pharaoh

Save the attached image of King Tut to your camera roll in your iPad. 
  • Import it into sketch book
  • Take a close up of your own face
  • Using the "layers" feature of Sketchbook, create a photo of your face in the mask of King Tut
  • Print it out
On the next page, draw a picture of at least 5 treasures that you have in your life that you would want to take with you to the after-life. Label them.

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