Egyptians in America

   This Artifact that was removed from Burrows Cave in Illinois. The Artifact was identified as a Artifact for King Zoroaster who was Joseph in the Bible.   ( However Moses who spoke a different language wrote; The Pharoah named Joseph to Zaphenat-Pa'aneah,)
  The direction of the Boat on King Zaphnath's Crown is coming to Atlantis.
  King  ruled Egypt from the Temple of Amon that was built by Asef at Aravis Shemau for 48 years.
   King Zoroaster recorded 12 trips to Ophir of Atlantis and Smithsonian Archaeologist are aware of this information.
The Son of the Right Hand symbol is on the bottom right side of the Copper Artifact. This was the written Symble
Then the Box above the symbol is the Hebrew symbol is for the Ark of the Covenents.
This is a strong indication that Zaphnath or (Joseph) Ruled Egypt according to the Ten Comandments in the Bible.
The Son of the Right symbol on the right bottom corner is a Semitic symbol.
The Three Diamonds are Egyptian symbols for the greatest wealth.
This Artifact is for King Zaphnath (Joseph) the Ruler of Egypt who came North America in 1744 BC.
Then on the top is (m) the (m) is for my (^) is the symbol for Egypt. And then the umbrella shape means the Umbrella Empire of Egypt established by King Zoroaster .
    King Zoroaster wrote that he found another place for Egyptians to Farm
and Mine when he was 26 years old. This date would be 17,54 BC.
    Each Egyptian Ruler Shemau (later Egypt) had a seperate Hieroglyph symbol. This is the Hieroglyph that King Zoroaster  chose for himself was Shu the Crocodile.
  This same Hieroglph was found at Aravis (now Egypt) for King .
King  Zoroaster is holding the Staff of the Lord.
  Then on the bottom right is ( - ) which meant number one.
Next above the (-) is one X this Gold Artifact. X is the Symbol for First or Father.
   Then above the (X) is a Diamond which meant greatest wealth.
Then above the (X) is the ( ^II ) Symbol which is for the 2nd of both locations of the Lands of Shemau.
   Then above is the elongated ( W ) symbol. The elongated W Symbol indicated Waves on a large body of Water or the Ocean. Meaning King Zoroaster  had crossed the Ocean to get here.
    King Zoroaster was known to be a wise King in Egypt and knew that Shu the Crocodile symbol was a more powerfull symbol than the the Bird symbols.
   And King Zoroaster would not be worshiped as a Sun God by the Egyptians that were not of Semitic decent.
   Cirus the Great from Attica ( now Greece) who was a Descendant of Shem was the Founder of Shemau in 46,000BC.
  The first Pharaoh was Pharaoh Ahmose I a Syrian re-named Shemau to Egypt in 1567 BC after he destroyed Aravis, Shemau and became the first Syrian  Pharaoh.
  Alexander the Great who was another Descendant of Shem also came from Attica and conquered Egypt and re-named Egypt back to Shemau.