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Daniel  Dwyer

Ancient Egyptian Achievements

            Ancient Egyptian’s first invention was paper from the famous Papyrus plant. Papyrus is a plant found along the sides of the Nile River, and it has very thin leaves making it capable of being made into paper. As a result of the Egyptian’s inventions, we still use the 365 day calendar with leap year, black ink, plows, and paper. The best invention that Egypt had was the prevention of diseases. One invention that isn’t common these days is hieroglyphics which is an ancient Egyptian form of writing.

            Even though Egypt was known to be a non violent empire, they had to fight their battles. It was around 1200 B.C when the Hyskos invaded the Egyptians. This was the Egyptians first battle, and they had not started it.  The Egyptians had never been defeated by any other empire. The Nubians, Libyans, Hyskos, and later on Levant are the other empires the Egypt defeated.

            To make the work force better, the Egyptians invented things that helped improve labor. Organized labor was a very wise invention, there fore Egyptians could know what they are to do and what their jobs are. They had made triangular shaped pyramids, and they were the first. The Egyptians even invented the system of irrigation which was the process of little trenches and tunnels carrying water from the Nile to the crops. Many inventions for the work force were made in Egypt, but an important one was worshipping gods and goddesses. People of Egypt would clean the gods, give them gifts, and pray to the gods in groups.

            Trading routes, transportation, and trading items were extremely important to Egyptians, because it got them what they needed, and the people could sometimes get a great deal of profit. Since the Nile had many cataracts, large water falls, the Mediterranean Sea had many rapid storms as well as the Red Sea, it made it difficult to trade, but it was worth the danger. The Nile was not very successful, because the traders that went through it were sometimes never seen again. The Silk Road however was very much successful, because the Egyptians that went to Asia to use the road were safe. There was no violence, the people in Asia were really nice, and it wasn’t dangerous. To do all of this trading, the Egyptians used ships. Egyptians traded items, such as horses, cattle, gold, cedar wood, pottery, linen, papyrus, ropes, ox hides, lentils, dried fish, stones, silver, copper, ebony, and ivory. The achievements of Ancient Egyptians were amazing.