External Links

Project Links

Sitescan Archaeological Services             Providing us with our Geophysical data.

Partnership Links                                                 Links to the Ancient Cwmbran and the Cistercian Way Partnership.

Heritage Lottery Fund                                      Find out more about how our project was funded.

Gwent Detecting Club                                        The official metal detectors for our project.

ACS Digital Trail                                                        This Trail was created by University of Wales Newport

Community Links

Communities First Thornhill
                     Communities First aims to improve the living conditions and prospects
                                                                                             for people in the area.

CoStar Cwmbran                                                  CoStar is a community development charity working in the 6 wards of
                                                                                            Coed Eva, Fairwater, Greenmeadow, St Dials, Two Locks and
                                                                                            Upper Cwmbran.

Torfaen County Borough Council          Torfaen County Borough Council's Website.

Webster.uk.net                                                      Torfaen's online community site.

S.m.u.g Wales                                                         Gwent-wide Substance Misuse United Group -
                                                                                           the people's voice for substance abuse.

General Interest Links

Archaeology Expert                                             Extensive information on archaeology and artefacts.

The Cistercian Way                                            Follow the Pilgrim Route around Wales.

Blaenavon Historical Society                        Blaenavon Local History Society is believed to be one of the oldest local
                                                                                              history societies in the region.

Keep Wales Tidy                                                     Keep Wales Tidy’s Vision is of "A Clean, Safe and Tidy Wales"

Genmaps                                                                       Old and interesting maps of Wales, Scotland and England.

National Museum of Wales                             Explore the national museum and linked historical sites.

National Roman Legion Museum              Find out more about who the Silurians were fighting.

Early British Kingdoms                                    Great site for general info on early history.

Gwent wildlife Trust                                           The website for information on our local wildlife.

St Illstud's Church                                                Founded in 500 AD by the Welsh monk Illtud, the Church of Llantwit Major (Llanilltud Fawr) is
                                                                                              believed to be Britain’s earliest centre of learning. St Illtud established a monastic school of over                 
                                                                                              one thousand pupils, including, it is said, St David of Wales and St Patrick of Ireland.