Welcome to Ancient Alchemy! My name is Hannah R. Thomas and I will be your teacher this term. Currently I am a Ravenclaw Prefect and 5th year. 

This class was originally created by Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk and it is currently on loan from Prof. Kyrie Adderholt. 

This class will have five lessons focusing on Alchemy in ancient cultures and mediaval times. 

This class will have five assignments. There will be five homework assignments worth up to 30 points and five extra credit assignments worth up to 30 points for a maximum possible points of 300. 

You must earn 200 points to earn a quill in this class. 

No extensions will be granted. Everything is due by January 15. 

Previous Class
If you previously took this class with Prof. Lobiesk, you are welcome to take it again but all work must be completed within this term only.