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Ancient Africa - Geography



            Ancient Africa’s geography was quite unique.  Deserts, rivers, mountains, and rainforests made Ancient Africa a great place to live.


            Enormous in size, the Nile River was located in Ancient Africa.  The Nile River provided many important opportunities in Ancient Africa.  The people would use the Nile for fishing, trading, and fun.  The land around the Nile was fertile, so there were plenty of farms along the river.  Farms did not produce crops well along the Nile when there was extreme heat because of evaporation.  As a result of the extreme heat, farmers had an irrigation system, which brings water from the river to the crops to help them grow.  For more imformation go to


The Nile River.                        A man done fishing on the Nile.                



            Africa had numerous rainforests.  The rainforest was a gorgeous place with many animals and trees.  Some of the animals were gorillas, snakes, butterflies, lizards, and birds.  Birds were important in the rainforest because they helped disperse seeds from the fruits and berries they ate.  The rainforest climate ranged from 75 to 80 degrees.  The average rainfall varied from 1 to 1 ½ inches of rain a week.  People would come from great distances to see the rainforest.  For more imformation go to

A gorilla and a jaguar in the rainforest.

            Ancient Africa also had a large number of deserts.  The biggest desert was the Sahara Desert.  The Sahara Desert was 3,000 miles from the east to west, and it was approximately 900 miles north to south.  Even though the desert was dry and large, it was bordered by water to the west, east, and north.  The Sahara is said to be almost as big as the United States.


            Mountain rangers were scarce in Ancient Africa, but one of the highest was Mount Kilimanjaro.  The official height of Mount Kilimanjaro was 19,340 feet.  The peak was usually covered by snow because of the colder weather in higher elevations.  Kilimanjaro contains almost all the ecosystems on earth because it has glaciers, snow, deserts, moorlands, savannahs, and a tropical jungle.  Ancient African citizens enjoyed looking at the nature of Mount Kilimanjaro.

 Mt. Kilimanjaro

            Despite the size of Ancient Africa, it had very few natural harbors.  When travelers came in by boat, it was difficult to find a safe place to anchor due to the rough land.  Travelers had a lot of fortitude and stamina because of the challenges of getting into Africa.  There were many cataracts, which were shallow rapids, making the travel so difficult.  Many bays were unreachable by the people in boats.  Ultimately, the travelers were able to anchor their boats and make it to land.

People traveling into Africa.