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This site contains a database of over 29,000 persons and over 124,000 source citations.  Every bit of information has a source.  Although I am not a professional genealogist, I have been working on this genealogy of my family for 55 years and take pride in the information.  So please feel free to double check any source or verify the data.  I would appreciate any feedback, if you find additional information.  Please provide me with your source.

My focus is on “Direct Ancestors."  However, in order to further my research, I have included their siblings, their spouses, their parents, and their children.  Some additional information from direct descendants of these siblings, has been included.  

I appreciate my wonderful “Internet Cousins” whom have provided me with complimentary comments about my website.  It makes me thankful for providing at least a little input to others’ research.

Updated 1 Jul 2019

             Online Research:

FamilySearch.org  (Actual documents - Excellent!)

Census Data

Online Books (FamilySearch Books, Google Books, Heritage Quest, Haithi Trust, etc.)

FamilySearch.org "Family Tree" - Maintaining a tree and adding sources for my direct ancestors

Various Websites (other people's trees)

Funeral Home websites

Weekly Newspapers (Southern Maryland, Southwestern Virginia)

Some additional input various other places, emails, obituaries, etc.

            Repository Research:

None this time

Genealogy Data:    Introduction/Table of Contents (click here)              

These are the main Surnames I'm researching, click here: Surnames (click here) to go to all the surnames which I have in my database

MD:       Allen, Cullins, Goodwin, Hill, Russell, Suit, Sweeney, Wade, Williams, Hayes, Piles, Scott, Burch, Lanham, Hatton, Sprigg, Watson, Naylor, Howard, Beall, Pottinger, Nuthall, Dent, Hatch
VA/WV: Cleek, Gum, Hoover, Seybert, Terry, Wade, Walton, Stephenson, McCallister, Ewing, Theiss, Trail, Freeman, Watson, Croddy, Mason, Booth, Lloyd, Callahan 
MA:       Bosworth, Brown, Dunmore, Fowler, Root, Wilmarth
OH:       Ewing, Rose, Stephenson
KS:       Baillie, Stephenson
CA:       Dunmore, Scantleberry, Stephenson
PA:       Jenkins, Stephenson
SC:       Stephenson
DE:       Gum, Potter, Fisher
RI:         Arnold, Brown, Hearnden

AR:       Parker, Peters, West
KY:       Gum, Campbell, Creekmore

Some Pictures which I need help Identifying.  

          Gum Family:  Pictures from Bertha Gum Click Here

          Cleek Family:  Courtesy of Todd Knauss. Click Here

          A pedigree chart is NOW available for EACH person.  On the person's page, just click the "tree" by the person's name and it will display a five generation pedigree chart for them.  To go further back in time, just click the person to the far right of the pedigree and it will take you back an additional five generations.

         Multimedia items are available to include pictures of Cemetery tombstones, signatures, family group pictures, etc.  Just click on the "camera" next to the name or marriage.

        My Family History Data has been uploaded into a Pedigree Resource File on the "FamilySearch.org" website and is available for viewing including notes and sources.  After 45+ years, I thought it was time to make my many, many hours of research available to be preserved forever.  So in addition to this website, a static version as of 10 Sep 2011, is now available on FamilySearch.org under the Family Trees and Submission Number MM4N-4J9 (click here). You'll need to log in with a free account to move around in my tree at FamilySearch.


   Thank you to the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for providing their website "FamilySearch.org" and the resources to do our research.

       I hope some of this data can assist you in your family history.  Happy Researching!