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Another 50 Ways (2012)

1.    Math Pickle
            features math videos for K-12 grade students that present engaging real-life problems for students to solve 

2.    Khan Academy
            an open education resource that teaches K-12 math, science, and humanities with engaging videos and self-paced problem solving

3.    ReadingBear
            teaches young children how to read through systematic, interactive phonics presentations

4.    Sumdog
            students can practice foundational math skills through multi-player games. They can play against classmates or with children across the world.

5.    Word Dynamo
            students can practice their vocabulary skills by selecting specific word lists and/or playing various games

6.    InstaGrok
            search engine that offers definitions & related topics in a visual way. Results show facts, websites, images, videos, etc. BONUS: It only searches for content from “educational sites”.

7.    HippoCampus
            provides high-quality, multimedia content on general education subjects to high school and college students free of charge. designed as part of Open Education Resources (OER) and contributed to the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC).

8.    VocabGrabber
            a visual thesaurus that allows you to enter vocabulary words that create interactive thinking maps.

9.    Smithsonian Wild
            students can research animals and see pictures of them in their natural habitats. WAY cool images.           

10.    Search Planet
        a search engine that compiles lesson plans, worksheets, etc. from numerous of those lesson plan websites across the internet

11.    MathWire
        huge collection of hands-on themed math lessons, printable PDFs, and more

12.    SafeShare
        a YouTube ‘cleaner’ that will eliminate all ads, comments, and related videos surrounding the original YouTube video

13.    ClassDojo
        a classroom behavior management tool that reinforces immediate feedback for the student. Can be used through a PC, smartphone, tablet, or even iPod touch.

14.    Twurdy
            search engine that sorts results by readability - can identify reading levels and approximate ages

15.    Pinterest
            thousands of ideas to use in the classroom, from interactive websites specific to a topic to classroom decor.

16.    What Do You Love?
            a Google search through all the google apps

17.    Book Source
            a classroom library management tool. Allows you to digitally manage checking out books to students.

18.    Not Sharing My Info
            allows the viewer to create obscure email address that you can use for students to login to Web 2.0 sites. Any mail sent to that email will be forwarded on to your original email address.

19.    Sly Dial
            connect to someone's voicemail directly without giving them a chance to answer!

20.    Dial My Calls
            your own personal phone dialer. Record a message and deliver it to recipients' phones!

21.    Phone My Phone
            when you need your phone to ring at a specific time- I'm just saying...

22.    Searchy Pants
            a student-safe search engine with a customizable with a background theme, ability to include specific links to websites that you want your students to see, and a message to your students

23.     iFakeText
            create fake texts to show conversations between characters, explanations of science concepts, and more!

24.    QRstuff
            create QR codes on 18 different types of data and customizable color

25.    QR scavenger Hunt by Classtools
            generate a scavenger hunt to questions or clues hidden within QR codes for students to solve

26.    Blabberize
            students can animate images related to any content in order to explain procedures or describe characteristics

27.     infogr.am
            create simple charts and infographics by logging in with your FB or Twitter

28.    Google Search Stories
            creates a video of types of Google searches based upon what questions or information you enter

29.    visual.ly
            students can create infographics that analyze and display data based on information from Twitter and Facebook

30.    Popplet
            students can create galleries, mind maps, and diagrams quickly and incredibly easily

31.   Little Bird Tales
            create online stories with narration. Students can upload their own pictures for the digital story.

32.   Flickr Letters/Word Creator
            create words with images of letters from Flickr. A fun way to create titles, posters, and words

Action Movie App
            allows students to create Hollywood style action effects in an existing iPhone video

34.    You Are Your Words
           instantly converts your words into an image that you have selected in the form of a word cloud

35.    Record MP3
            an online recorder for voice messages. It can save as a URL link or the user can email it to others.

36.   Sound Cli.ps
                create a free account to catalog and save sound bits that can be added into presentations, projects, or simply used to grab the attention of your class.

37.    TodaysMeet
            join a collaborative chat room with your students. No registration is needed. Even allows the user topost from a smart phone by going through the website.

38.    Edmodo
            a social network for education. Allows teachers and students to connect, collaborate, and share.

allows students to make whiteboard drawings and graphic organizers in an online space where they can collaborate together.

40.    Screenr
            free screencasts without downloading a thing. Just login with FB or Twitter then click record. Can record for up to five minutes.

41.    Tweet Call
pdate Twitter from anywhere for free by simply speaking into a telephone.

42.    Class Parrot
            allows teachers to send text messages to groups of parents and/or students from their computer. Keeps everyone’s numbers private.

43.    Remind 101
            a safe way for teachers to text message students and parents while keeping their phone number anonymous.

44.    Join.Me
            free screen sharing and collaboration for up to 250 participants and on any PC, iDevice, or Android device.

45.    Present.Me
            Create presentations with slides and video.  Then, share with others!

Profesional Development Ideas
46.    Technology Petting Zoo
            Encourages educators, parents, or even students to obtain hands-on experience with multiple technologies in one session. Petting zoos can be presented with devices, Web 2.0 tools, or websites.

47.    Techno Bingo Card
            Encourage educators to use new or existing technologies by playing Techno-Bingo. Educators would mark off each tool used until they obtain a BINGO!

48.    SpeedGeeking
            Spice up your next professional development by allowing each educator to go on ‘dates’ with different technologies. Each date is short and sweet, just like in speed dating.  :)

Just Because...
49.    Our first 50 Ways...

50.    50 MORE...