Kids bedroom carpets - Fuzzy area rugs - Allergy to carpet.

Kids Bedroom Carpets

kids bedroom carpets
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kids bedroom carpets - Kids Line
Kids Line Jungle 1-2-3 Six Piece Crib Bedding Set
Kids Line Jungle 1-2-3 Six Piece Crib Bedding Set
Kidsline 6 PC. CRIB SET - Jungle 123The Jungle 123 6 Piece Baby Crib Bedding set includes: quilt, bumper, dust ruffle, fitted sheet, window valance and diaper stacker. The quilt measures 36" by 45".The bumper is 11" high and 157" long, with single ties on each corner, and 7 sets of double ties along the top and bottom. The dust ruffle has a 14" drop, and the fitted sheet is designed to fit a standard size, 28" x 52" crib mattress.The valance measures 60" across with a 14" drop. The diaper stacker is 12" across, hangs down 26.5", and is 8.75" deep.Care instructions: machine wash cold with like colors

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New Carpet in the Second Bedroom
New Carpet in the Second Bedroom
2006.11.17 M won me over on this green carpet, but it took several visits to the remnant collection to be convinced. It's not solid nor "plush" but flecked so the footprint/lint situation is not like I feared (M promised to vacuum it as our compromise)... it should hide future kid-stains well. After tearing out the porch carpeting, I stayed up getting the baseboards painted white (it originally was in the same flat powder blue as the walls, as is the ceiling) while the old carpeting was in place... I wanted to get the whole room painted, but the baseboards was sufficient.
Tommy playing football
Tommy playing football
Mom: Tommy loved his football. He really loved his football. Me: Dad's taking this photo? Mom: I guess. Me: What do you mean you guess? He's probably throwing the football at somebody who'd catch it. Mom: Well, I could've made him pose. But it looks like he was really playing, so...

kids bedroom carpets
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