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Anchored in Faith Gospel Church is a small Bible believing church in a small town.  However its ministry reach is hardly small.  Over the years God called and expanded our ministry reach far beyond the confines of our county using PEG (Public, Educational, and Government) cable channels in various Iowa and Illinois communities as well as to the world via YouTube.  

Between November of 2015 and November of 2016 our television outreach was available to viewers of broadcast station WJYS channel 62.2 in Chicago Illinois, ministering to a potential of 10 million people in large portions of Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois.   WJYS-TV broadcasts from the Willis Tower along with all the other most powerful Chicago television stations in America’s third largest city!

With Broadcast TV came additional cost.  The price for airtime on MCTV is unbelievably low.  However we did not have enough money donated to continue the outreach.  However we did make an impact on many viewers in the greater Chicagoland area during the time the door was open to us.

Want to help us with future special projects?   Please give what God tells you to give via mail to the address below.  All gifts are tax-deductible.  Thanks and God bless as you give. 

Please send your best contribution to...

Anchored in Faith  
P.O. Box 204
Oxford, Iowa  52322

Our services are recorded live every Sunday morning at 11:00 at our church facility located at 131 West Main Street (P.O. Box 204) Oxford Iowa USA. We invite you to come and visit us.

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