Welcome to Anchored in Faith Gospel Church

     Go to our YouTube channel for our television programs on demand 
     Our television outreach will soon be shown in Chicago on WJYS-TV ch 62.2 .
     WJYS is a full power broadcast TV station broadcasting from an antenna on the Willis Tower!
     This is a powerful broadcast TV station reaching a potential audience of 10 million people!
     We are believing God for the finances of the viewers to sustain this outreach there.  
     We are in the preparing stages.  More information coming.

Anchored in Faith Gospel Church is committed to being a completely biblical church. We have very minimal form to our services so that the Holy Ghost can lead the services in the way that God would have them go.

Our services are recorded live every Sunday morning at 11:00 at our church facility located at 131 West Main Street (P.O. Box 204) Oxford Iowa USA.  We invite you to come and visit us. 

Our television program is called "Anchored in Faith".  Our program can be seen on cable access channels in many communities in eastern Iowa and western Illinois by subscribers of Mediacom and South Slope cable services.  "Anchored in Faith" is available anywhere at any time over the internet at   www.youtube.com/anchoredinfaith


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