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Child Musical Instruments

child musical instruments
    musical instruments
  • (musical instrument) any of various devices or contrivances that can be used to produce musical tones or sounds
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child musical instruments - World Playground
World Playground
World Playground
Putumayo Kids World Playground CDThis lively collection of global songs takes children and parents on a musical journey to faraway places where they can beintroduced to other people and places around the world. A trip to the World Playground makes exploring other culturesa adventure for music fans of all ages! Featured artists include Manu Chao,Taj Mahal and Cedella Marley Booker.*Parents’ Choice Winner

This anthology of children-related tracks originates from the globally conscious Putamayo Records catalog. Artists from Africa (Senegal's Toure Kunda, Congo's Ricardo Lemvo), Europe (France's Manu Chao), the Caribbean (Jamaica's Cedella Marley Booker), North America (Buckwheat Zydeco and Eric Bibb from the U.S.; Canada's Teresa Doyle), South America (Brazil's Nazare Pereira), and Australia (Trevor Adamson) offer tracks, and while the styles and moods vary, the album gels excellently. Even if the multicontinent angle strikes you as too catholic, it bears reiterating that this is a "playground" session, a collection that begins with a Senegalese in-line dance and continues through "Mardi Gras Mambo," a bongo-playing French monkey, and much more. And while the songs are playful, there's nothing in the way of tossed-off music. It's all first-rate, with the artists at the top of their games. --Andrew Bartlett

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Junjungan kids learning the musical instrument
Junjungan kids learning the musical instrument
I just tried out the video function of my Nikon D300s. It seems that the auto focus feature does not work very well. But I find it handy in situation like this where I wanted to capture the sound of the instruments. Some of these kids were the woodcarver boys. Could you recognize some of them... The boy on the far left corner sitting down (in orange shirt) is Kulik. You can also find Dedek (wearing blue shirt on the same row where Kulik sat), Wis (blue shirt boy in front of Dedek) and Komet (on the far right playing the gong and wearing black) here.
121309 Manila, Philippines. Rizal Avenue. A street child uses an improvised musical instrument as he sings christmas carols to passengers at a public utility jeepney in Manila.

child musical instruments