Do you wonder where your ancestors came from?
Do you know what your ancestors did for a living?
Do you want to find out if
there is any historical evidence or documentation for stories that have been passed down by your family?

If you want answers to your genealogical questions then you have come to the right place. 

You may discover that the stories or information passed down to you had very little to do with actual facts .  After all, many facts get confused over the years or a family member didn't want to share any negative information about one of their ancestors. 

As with most families, there are always a few black sheep.  I have learned to treasure my family's black sheep. Their history is usually quite interesting and sometimes provides a wealth of information about the rest of the family as well.  One thing to remember is that our "black sheep" were living in another time when their indiscretions may or may not have been as we might perceive them now.