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Southern Alberta Obituary Index 1997-2010

The Southern Alberta Obituaries is genealogical index of obituaries. Find your surname by clicking on the alphabet below. Obituaries are from the area surrounding and including Lethbridge, Alberta. Raymond, Stirling, Magrath, Cardston, Fort Macleod, Taber, and many more...
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Why Obituaries?
Obituaries are a rich source of information for family historians. They are often the last record kept for a person. They can include valuable data and clues to other resources you can look up. As with most secondary sources the caution is there that dates should be checked with original records.
Where are these obituaries from?
These obituaries are primarily from around the Lethbridge, Alberta area.  Sources are The Lethbridge Herald and The Westwind Weekly News.  The source is cited on each entry. If multiple obituaries were found, the most complete item has been used here.
What is Included in this Genealgocial Index?
A genealogical index will include any vital information that was included in the obituary. If exceptional information was included other that birth, death, marriage, etc. - a link will be made for that name and a new webpage will be linked to the name that includes the extra information.
Why not just transcribe the obituaries?
Due to copyright laws I don't feel comfortable transcribing the obituary word for word on my site. Pictures are also not included for the same reason.