1. Orphans and aged destitute are given first preference
  2. Studious children of economically backward parents
  3. Reference letter from a person fully aware of the proposed inmate's family or relative is a must.  He must accompany the to be inmate.
  4. The guardian or parent of the inmates are allowed to visit on a Sunday once a month only
  5. Under no circumstances the parent or guardian of the inmates are allowed to take them either to their home or to any other place without the prior permission of the home
  6. The inmates may be taken back by their parents / guardian or any authorized person in the interim period, after the legitimate expenses incurred by the home on them is settled.
  7. The Parent or guardian is not allowed to take back their children, unless and otherwise a letter is given by the referred person to this effect
  8. All children inmates will be provided compulsory education in the school.  It is strictly forbidden to visit / offer food etc. to the inmate children outside the home.  To be inmate children,  studied / studying in a school, must produce Transfer Certificate or Record Sheet as applicable.
  9. Please note that there is no admission fee to join the home.  We are not responsible for any amount paid towards admission to our home to any unauthorized person/s posing to be our representative. Necessary legal action will be taken against persons collecting admission fee if reported.