About Us

Started on February 10th 1997 in a rented house with 10 inmates (5 children, 5 senior citizens), "Anbu Karangal - Center for Humane Service" now is a loving home to nearly 130 people consisting of 87 children and 43 senior citizens inclusive of staff.
"Anbu Karangal"is a non-profitable public charitable trust registered under 'Charitable Trust Act' (No.33/96).

Mrs.Lakshmi"Anbu Karangal" is the brain child of Mrs.Lakshmi aged about 40 years whose life itself has been the source of inspiration to her.

Being issue less and consequently abused by the society, she did not lose heart.  Unperturbed and unshaken by the shortcomings of her personal life and deeply mourned by the reckless treatment meted out to the old aged neighbors near her home and the sad plight of the orphan children tortured by their relatives, Mrs.Lakshmi pondered over the way to set things in its right course, and "Anbu Karangal" was thus born.  Like minded persons like Mr.Babuand and Mr.Suresh Kumar has been a great source of help for Mrs.Lakshmi to shape "Anbu Karangal" in to its present stature.