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make up games for free - Rack-O Card
Rack-O Card Game
Rack-O Card Game
The player who is the first to get 10 cards into low-to-high sequential order is the winner. A fun way to teach numbers to younger children. 2-4 players.

Like many card games, Rack-O is part skill, part luck of the draw. Two to four players try to get their rack of 10 cards in consecutive order, from lowest to highest, first. The cards are numbered from 1 to 60, and each player takes a turn by drawing and discarding. Bonus Rack-O points are earned when a player gets a perfect run of three or more cards. The first to rack up 500 points wins. The rule book doesn't suggest variations, but more challenge can be added by having to get certain number patterns, like even numbers or multiples of 3, which will also increase the number skills development that's part of this game. --Lynne Sampson

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Machiavelli Game End
Machiavelli Game End
It finally ended. I'll just leave a summary of the game. Sorry for bad cropping. I'll get starting positions up later so this actually makes since. This is the game we've been playing in AP European History since the beginning of the year. Each person is either a leader, noble, or peasant of one of the four "normal" countries; Florence (brown), Naples (light green), Milan (dark green), and Venice (yellow). There are three super powers, Turks, French, and Austrians (Holy Roman Empire); played by former AP students, who cannot enter out territories without a treaty, they do enjoy killing eachother. Also, Mr. Patterson (Game Master, teacher) started as Pope. But when he died we got to elect a new one. Pope has pwer to excomunicate/declare crusades (nulls orders), tax for St. Peter's Basilica, etc. I was the leader of the Republic of Florence. This is how the game ended, at the end of Fall 1457. I won. Look at the Key at the bottom of the page for unit types, random events (plague/famine/rebelion) etc. Staredcirclethings in provinces are fortified cities which are basically another space in a space. You need to siege them to capture them if there is a garrison (diamond) inside. A "year" in the game is about two weeks irl. Spring is the first move phase, then famine check (die roll), any province hit with famine kills all units in the province. Then Summer move phase, then plague check (same as famine, but doesn't stay on board until relieved like famine). Fall move phase, then Winter Quarters, where you maintain/build units. Each build/maintain order is 3d (ducats). Each province/sea area controlled gives 1d ea, normal fort cities give 2d unless otherwise stated (usually capitals and I think Genoa give 3d). Ok, quick (am I droning on an on?) summary year by year: 1454: First year, immediatly France support-moves intoTurin, defeating invading Austrian army, making it retreat back to Tyrol. Venice goes after free territories on the Adriatic coast, before Austria or Turks grab them. Also this year begins to tell us that Riley (Austria) and Milan in general, are completely inept and have no chance. Patterson (Papal states) invades me, I bribe him off with cookies, then invades me again from Bolognia into Pastoia. I buy the autonomous garrison in Genoa, and I move into and capture Piombino and Siena. 1455: Milan tries and fails to capture Genoa, b/c of our fleet in the Ligurian supporting our army in Genoa. Patterson moves into Naples taking Capua and Aquila, while Naples takes Sardinia and Corsica. Austria looses two armies to famine, and Riley only turns in Summer and Winter orders. Turks Land in Dalmatia, and use the fleet in Lower Adriatic to ferry troops up the Balkans. 1456: Against Marissa's (nobles of Naples) wishes, Joey (leader of Naples) allies me and we start to push Patty back. Marissa drops a fleet in an unguarded Rome, takeing it, while moving into the Tyrrhenian to support the fleet in Rome. I finally kick Patty out of Pistoia, and Milan manages to double support-attack into Genoa, forcing my army to retreat behind the city walls. Riley fails more, most of Austria is covered with Famine, and Rebelion in afew places. He's kicked out, as Patty takes over for him. Patty dies as Pope, we elect Joey who loves me, and he has to abdicate throne of Naples, giving Marissa control. Tim stops being peasant and goes to nobles. Right before the Papal election, Naples, Florence, and Turks sign a treaty to give Turks Sicily, in exchange for monetary support to Florence and Naples against Patty as pope, and Mel/Brooke in Venice (treaty was Spring of that year, election in winter). In fall just as Milan is about to take Genoa, I buy their army. 1457: Last Year. Turks move as far as they are no up torwards Austria, who now under Patty is retreating back to home territory, and relieves all famines/rebelions. I having been saving my money have 68d, and I blackmail Venice with the threat of disbanding/buying all of Mel's units. We develop a plan that will win me the game with 12 out of the 10 required win points. Mel buys the Milanese army in Milan, and basically takes over half of it (look at the map). I buy the French army (15d) in Saluzzo, the former Milanese army I stole moves to Mantiferrat, Kaite moves our extra Florentine fleet from Piombino into Lig Sea. Turkey bought the French army in Turin, and I bought the one in Provence, but Tim from Naples counter-bribed it for France who was to poor to do so himself. And thus the game ends, I win with 11 points. So much fun. Soon we get to play a WWI version. Sorry if that was boring. I like to ramble. Character flaw much.
CROSS-JACK (gameboard to print)
CROSS-JACK (gameboard to print)
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License. CROSS-JACK (Game for two people) Rules:Every player shall choose a zone(over the rows from the extremes delimited by the lines),start off the game ticking off 2 positions each one of the players on the chosen zone (North zone or South zone),whose signs shall be "X" for one of the players and "O" for the other and shall try to arrive each one to the opposite zone where shall have to tick off turn by turn the route from the chosen zone arriving to the opposite's zone first,but else trying to block the opposite arrival,each shift must follow a stepped-up route whether up,down,aside(right or left) or diagonally;none of the players can tick off where is already ticked off by any of the players,but any of the positions of each player can serve as reference to shift;likewise the player can take short-cuts making toward the right side of the game board and popping up on the left side of the game board and the reverse. The match will be over when one of the players have arrived to the opposite zone or when there is not access to the opposite zone. CROSS-JACK (Juego para dos personas) Cada jugador escogera una zona, empezaran el juego marcando dos posiciones cada uno de los jugadores en la zona escogida (zona norte o zona sur) sobre las filas delimitadas con las lineas, cuyos signos seran “x” para un jugador y “o” para el otro jugador y trataran de llegar cada uno a la zona contraria donde tendran que ir marcando turno por turno la ruta desde la zona que cada uno escogio hasta llegar a la del adversario primero, pero tambien tratando de bloquear la llegada del adversario, cada movimiento debe seguir una ruta continuada ,ya sea arriba, abajo, al lado o diagonal, de la misma forma puedes tomar atajo dirigiendote hacia el costado izquierdo y apareciendo en el costado derecho del tablero del juego y viceversa ;El juego acabara cuando no haya acceso a la zona contraria o cuando uno de los jugadores haya llegado a la zona adversaria.

make up games for free
make up games for free
Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush
Enjoy totally creative, totally mess-free art. Color Wonder paints appear to be clear -- but they come alive in vibrant color on the special Color Wonder paper. The light-up brush recognizes the colors in the pots and magically lights up with the matching color. Includes Light Brush and 30-page Color Wonder paper tablet.

Turn the invisible into visionary works of art with the Crayola Mess-Free Color Wonder Magic Light Brush. Similar to classic activities with invisible ink, this toy comes with clear paints that only appear when applied to Color Wonder Paper. Making it fun to paint, even in the dark, the special light-up brush magically glows the color of the paint being used. Designed for children ages five and up, the Wonder Magic Light Brush is a fun and magical introduction -- or reintroduction -- to art for young girls and boys.

Color Wonder Magic Light Brush
Ages: 5+

3 "AA" batteries (not included)

What We Think

Fun factor:
Ease of assembly:
Educational factor:
Novelty factor:

The Good: Fun, easy, and mess-free introduction to painting and color.

The Challenging: Coarseness of bristles may disappoint young artists.

In a Nutshell: Light-up brush illuminates paint colors and shows up only on special paper.

When used on Color Wonder paper, the magic paint brush lights up the invisible paint, revealing its true color. View larger.

Look Mom, No Mess!
With a battery-operated light, the fiber-optic bristles of the light brush illuminate the color of the paint. To get started, kids can simply pick one of the six classic-colored paints to begin painting. While the paint appears clear on its own, the brush will glow the paint color to guide them as they draw. After a couple of seconds on the page, the invisible paint turns to reveal its true color. Best of all for parents, the Wonder Magic Light Brush doesn't make a mess at all. Working only on specially coated Color Wonder Paper, the colors won't appear on skin, walls, carpet, or clothing. If you run out, more Color Wonder Paper and paint refills (including fun tropical colors) are sold separately.
Simple is Good
Durable, compact, and easy to use, the Wonder Magic Light Brush proves that arts-and-crafts time doesn't have to be a headache. The connected paint pots snap firmly into the plastic orange-and-purple Color Wonder base and the light-up brush is attached by a flexible cord and clips snugly in its resting station, so you don't ever have to worry about it getting lost. While it's strong enough to survive plenty of child's play, the plastic has rounded corners to ensure safety.
Other design pluses include a built-in carrying handle on one side for quick portability. At the other end a light-gray tablet clip holds your paper in place while you're painting.
Time-tested Fun
With its light-up brush and colors that reveal only with special paper, this Crayola set brings new life to an activity kids have always loved. Great for beginning artists, the Wonder Magic Light Brush is good at painting broad colorful strokes, and it's exciting to see as the colors appear a second or two after drawn on the page. The brush bristles aren't fine enough for very detailed work, but as a toy, even young masters should enjoy this new way of playing with colors.
What's in the Box
Light-up brush unit, 6 Color Wonder paint colors, and 30-page Color Wonder paper tablet.