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Wheel Horse Sickle Bar

wheel horse sickle bar
    wheel horse
  • Wheel Horse was a manufacturer of outdoor and garden power equipment, including lawn and garden tractors. The company's headquarters were in South Bend, Indiana.
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wheel horse sickle bar - Garden Tractors:
Garden Tractors: Deere, Cub Cadet, Wheel Horse, and All the Rest, 1930s to Current (Tractor Legacy Series)
Garden Tractors: Deere, Cub Cadet, Wheel Horse, and All the Rest, 1930s to Current (Tractor Legacy Series)
Garden tractors have come a long way. And as anyone who has acquired a few acres knows, these are the machines that do the yeoman’s work, the tilling and mowing and pulling and plowing that makes a small farm or a vast garden grow. This illustrated history features the brands that have endeared themselves the landowners everywhere--the Cub Cadets and John Deeres, Simplicitys and Fords, Ariens, and Kubotas that, in their can-do engineering, dependability, and bright good looks, are more than mere machines around the yard and small farm. Accompanied by current and vintage images of these indefatigable machines, this chronicle of the garden tractor is a wonderful testament to what makes America work, furrow by furrow.

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1966 876
1966 876
Very nice original unit with many attachments. Sold in 2006, but kept the dozer blade and SMS-425 sickle bar mower.
1964 Wheel Horse 1054 Tractor
1964 Wheel Horse 1054 Tractor
This 1964 Wheel Horse has a 12 HP Kohler engine

wheel horse sickle bar
wheel horse sickle bar
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