Deep Dish Steering Wheel

deep dish steering wheel
    steering wheel
  • The wheel of a ship is the modern method of adjusting the angle of the rudder, in turn changing the direction of the boat or ship. It is also called the helm, together with the rest of the steering mechanism.
  • A wheel that a driver rotates in order to steer a vehicle
  • a handwheel that is used for steering
  • A steering wheel (also called a driving wheel or hand wheel) is a type of steering control in vehicles and vessels (ships and boats).
    deep dish
  • (of a pie) Baked in a deep dish to allow for a large filling
  • a soft set where the ball is caught, dragged down to chest or even navel level, and then back up before being released; contact lasts long enough for the player to check the ball pressure and read the label; see carry.
  • Deep Dish is a duo of DJs and house-music producers consisting of Iranian-American members Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi. Based in Washington, D.C.
  • Deep Dish is a 2008 romance novel by the American writer Mary Kay Andrews.
  • (of a pizza) Baked in a deep dish and having a thick dough base
  • Extreme or thoroughgoing

1956 Ford Crown Victoria 2 Door Hardtop
1956 Ford Crown Victoria 2 Door Hardtop
1956 models introduced a safety campaign. A breakaway rear view mirror and crash proof door locks were but two of the new features designed to protect consumers. The new models also included a safety “dish-style” steering wheel, the first of a new safety feature that would soon garner industry-wide acceptance, and would also find increasingly deeper dishes as years went by. In previous generations, interior designers embellished the focal point of the steering wheel, with ever more ornate, projectile-style, domed center hubs which, in the case of a front end collision, would be projected directly into the driver’s sternum. The thinking behind the new, “deep dish” safety idea was that if you were involved in a front end crash, the impact would be distributed around the perimeter of the wheel, resulting in fewer broken breast bones. Another safety feature finding increasing acceptance among consumers, and industry folk as well, was the “padded dash”. Ford decided it would be a popular addition to the 1956 models, but this feature would add an extra $16.00 to the sticker price, but that also included padded sun visor
changed the red themed momo steering wheel with a larger diameter nardi deep corn(strange name but the deep dish clears the dashboard control stalks). the simpler trd shiftknob is more subdued. i could use a round leather knob though. i heard there's a trd version also?

deep dish steering wheel