Why take Prostate FLO?

If you are concerned with prostate function, you may want to consider taking Prostate FLO. Benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, is a common condition as men age.  It can cause unpleasant urinary symptoms and if left untreated can block the flow of urine, causing bladder, urinary tract or kidney problems.  Some commons symptoms include:
  • difficulty starting and stopping urination
  • weak urine stream
  • increased frequency and urgency
  • nocturia  (increased night frequency)
  • incomplete emptying of bladder
  • dribbling at end of urination
  • urinary tact infection
  • stones in the bladder
  • reduced kidney function  
Saw palmetto, a standardized extract which is found in Prostate FLO, has been used extensively in Europe for many years to treat BPH.  Studies have shown that urine flow improves and prostate size decreases in a relatively short time compared to pharmaceutical drug therapy, with little to no side effects.

Prostate FLO also contains pumpkin seed oil which appears to have a modulating effect on DHT, interrupting prostate cell multiplication.  It is also high in carotenoids and omega-3 fats which are being studied for their potential prostate benefits.   Pumpkin seeds are also high in zinc, which contributes to the support of the prostate.

Prostate Flow

  • Supports Healthy Male Urinary Flow and Frequency
  • Supports Bladder and Prostate Health

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Prostate Flo™ is a comprehensive formula designed to support male urinary fl ow, hormone metabolism, and overall prostate health. This formula contains a variety of synergistic, standardized herbs in addition to pumpkin seed oil, vitamin B6, and zinc. Saw palmetto berry is present as a highly concentrated, standardized extract.