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Lançamento Da Vinci das Crianças

Um livro de José Arrabal

Com ilustrações de Anasor


17 de dezembro (quinta-feira)

A partir das 19h, com exposição das ilustrações, intervenção dramática, vídeo e coquetel.

Casa das Rosas – Espaço Haroldo de Campos de Poesia e Literatura

Avenida Paulista, 37 – Bela Vista – SP (próximo ao metrô Brigadeiro)

Do dia 09 a 19 de Dezembro, permanece aberta ao público a exposição das ilustrações na Sala Gabinete.

Solo exhibition, Cometas Mitolóxicas, Santiago de Compostela, Espanha.

J ó v e n e s p o é t i c a s s u r r e a l i s t a s S e r i e s

   Until May 17, the Granell Foundation is hosting a new exhibition in its Jóvenes poéticas surrealistas series, aimed at upand-coming artists whose work is based on methods or techniques that constitute a reinterpretation of surrealist aesthetics.
   This is the first individual exhibition by the young Brazilian artist Anasor Ed Searom in Spain. The show features, from a present-day perspective of surrealist poetics, the recreation of Western artworks that are genuine icons of our culture. The works on display are divided into three series of oils on canvas (entitled: Mitológicas, Serie Rembrant and Serie Caravaggio) and a series of erotic drawings (entitled Esbocetos), which, according to the artist, blend pornography, the sacred and the concept of ecstasy.
   In the peculiar appropriation undertaken by the artist by reproducing the selected works, a procedure that she calls
collage-painting, we are presented with a procedure that endows the original work with a new syntactic structure, generating new content and a new compositional structure. All of this gives the images on which the poetical action is based a different form.
   By means of the aforementioned procedures, the artist manages to create a completely oneiric perception of classic works, deposited in our collective imagination with a univocal, closed interpretation. They are works that we classify as academic models, which were, and still are, valid instruments for teaching Fine Art, and milestones in the History of Western Art.
   The artworks' transgressive nature is not achieved by following the trail of Dadaism, i.e. by introducing elements that clearly attack the values conveyed (almost immutably) therein, but rather by delicately making the work surprising. To that end, the artist uses visual elements that enhance some of the work's possible interpretations in a much more subtle way: the spectator knows that he or she is looking at a familiar image but does not identify it immediately.
   The artist obtains a first impulse of empathy with the public, by means of a visual trick. She has to make us believe that what we are seeing is a Rembrant or Bernini; she therefore selects pieces of works that have their own identity, so that they will be identified as characteristic motifs of the chosen artist. Moreover, she endeavours to obtain the same effect as the traditional techniques
used to create the original work. For example, she creates a kind of conceptual trompe-l'oeil by transferring digital images onto the canvas and making us believe that we are looking at an old painting, retouching the transferred image with oil paint.
   On other occasions she subverts the laws of perspective by maximising the very methods used to portray the original work. She thereby interprets the baroque method of the character that is looking at the spectator and inviting him or her to participate in the scene, but now the idea of the scene vanishes and this character is the artist himself: a traveller that has passed over to the other side of the painting, who has penetrated within it and invites us to share her journey.
   Anasor Ed Searom's work is the story of a journey through the landscape of our culture, of our inherited way of seeing the world, of the way we desire, see and experience beauty by means of the icons of her art… which gives us a freer, more amusing and more poetical, in short, more surrealist look at the world.
   The artist manages to fill, with her dreams, those works from the past that have been consumed by their umptuary nature, revealing therein content obscured by years of history. She manages to penetrate within them, feel them and convey her experience to us. By virtue of the sum of all these subtle procedures applied to images (reproduced thousands of times and therefore delexicalised), in this kind of poetical dissection, analysis and fusion of pieces, she makes them recover their lost soul.
   Reconverted for us into fertile ground for fantasy, Anasor Ed Searom's works oblige us to undertake a journey towards the hidden and longed-for universe of the myth sleeping in our consciousness, where images are not impassable doors but roads leading to other worlds.

Monse Cea, 2009

Solo exhibition, Ecoaïn (Salva-te), São Paulo, Brasil.
Antropofagia entre os índios Brasileiros

Iluminações Descontínuas - Surrealismo Actual -   Collective Exhibition in Algarve Portugal.

2008 / 2009
In Museo Eugenio Granell, exposición "El surrealismo como
fenómeno colectivo".

Illustration the Chilean Magazine of the Surrealist Moviment Labios Menores.

Halloween na Casa das Rosas, São Paulo, Brasil.
Exposition of Rembrandt Series.

THE REVERSE OF THE LOOK - Surrealism Today: An International Exhibition. Casa Municipal da Cultura - Galeria Pinho Diniz (Coimbra - Portugal).




Exhibition watercolours series in the Gallery Cité des Arts, France. (Cité des Arts web site)



Exhibition in the Museo Eugenio Granell: "Sonámbula, Inconscientes para una Geografía Onírica"

Primera muestra colectiva que reúne la obra de más de 30 colaboradores del Proyecto Sonámbula en la Fundación Eugenio Granell ubicada en Santiago de Compostela, España. Pinturas, objetos, collages, dibujos, publicaciones y documentos forman parte de la muestra que permanecera abierta hasta el 25 de septiembre de 2007. Algunos de los artistas representados son:



Jorge Kleiman
Marcelo Bordese
Juan Calzadilla
Franklin Fernández
Miguel Ángel Huerta
Alex Januario
Jorge Leal-Labrín
Rik Lina
Aldo Alcota
Alejandro Puga
Susana Wald
Ludwig Zeller
Pastor de Moya
Walter Espinoza
Floriano Martins
Raúl Henao
Maria Meleck Vivanco
Miguel Lohlé
Amirah Gazel
Roberto Piva
Carmen Bruna
Beatriz Hausner
Nelson de Paula
Gabriela Trujillo
Rodrigo Hernández
Gustavo Arruda
Konrad Zeller
Sara Ávila
José Duarte
Iñaki Muñoz
Enrique Lechuga
Anasor Ed Searom
Fayad Jamis


(Fundación Eugenio Granell web site)



Illustrations in magazine Lilith nº9, Argentina.

(view in web)




Illustration the Chilean Magazine of the Surrealist Moviment Derrame número 7.
(Blog Derrame)

Joins to Sonambula.

(Sonambula web site)

Poem by Alejandro Puga "Anasor ed Searom".

(View poema e collages)



Illustration in the Brazilian Journal of Poetry and Arts O Casulo - special about Latin-American Poetry.

Exhibition of paitings in the online gallery Impulse Art, Italy.

(Impulse Art web site)




Illustrations in  Decir del Agua, special about Brazilian Poetry.

(Decir del Agua web site)


Exhibition of paitings in the online magazine Zunái.

Solo exhibition As faces de Lilith, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Fundación Eugenio Granell

Casa das Rosas

Galerie Cite des Arts

Sonambula - Museo Eugenio Granell



O Casulo


As Faces de Lilith

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