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MISSION STATEMENT: AnArtJournal is a magazine for artists by artists, not art critics. Curated for the people, by the people.
MOTTO: "Everyone is an artist." --paraphrased from Novalis (often requoted by Joseph Beuys)

AnArtJournal is an "open source" online magazine that showcases conceptual art projects, freehand collaboration among artists and writers, textual experimentation, paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, submitted proposals, etc. Founded on April 22, 2010 by conceptual artists qi peng and William Brovelli and Vincent Como, this crowdsourced magazine has no actual staff or consistent editor. Instead, people will have an uncensored view of the contemporary art world and AnArtJournal reflects this tendency towards a "completely" democratic art magazine that does not depend on advertisements, judicious editing, or art world politics for its features. One could argue that AnArtJournal is an online cross section of what is going on in today's art world.

Any topic is allowed as long as the originator considers it "art." By questioning the boundaries between art and non-art, AnArtJournal strives to have no locus of what art can encompass. There is minimal editing so total experimentation is recognized. Any project will be accepted for this online magazine. We are hoping to have an annual print version that reflects this wiki so that people can see how the art magazine changes over time.

AnArtJournal can be read on various levels:

1) a conceptual art magazine as a form of deconstruction inspired by Triple CanopyTriple CandiePARKETT, and CABINET magazine
2) online exhibition of ideas and pure art that may or may not have commercial value
3) a counterpart to the larger, glossy art magazines such as Art in America, ArtForum, Art + Auction, Modern Painters, and ARTnews that depend on advertisers, art as commodity, and art critics
4) a wiki encyclopedia (or Wikipedia) of contemporary art as an artwork itself in self-reference looped and looped
5) virtual gallery space that is more encompassing than that of traditional spaces
6) a forum for discussion of what is the nature of art in today's postmodern world

Contact Info:

925 East 900 South Suite 37
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Follow us:

Our official Twitter feed is located at so that you can follow us there.

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qi peng (conceptual artist based out of Salt Lake City, UT and New York City, NY)


William Brovelli (conceptual artist based out of New York City, NY; represented by Kim Foster Gallery)
Vincent Como (conceptual artist based out of New York City, NY; represented by House Gallery)

Regular Contributors:

Yeji Jun (artist based out of New York City, NY; represented by Dutch Kills Gallery)
Emilie Duval (conceptual artist, installation artist, and video artist based out of Beaumont, TX; represented by House Gallery and Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke)

To submit:

You can add your artwork directly to the wiki without permission. Once it is added, the artwork will be locked in by the moderator.

E-mail your piece of artwork, whether it be a jpeg or text or whatever, to and the current moderators will be posting it up here at within a week unless they are out for vacation or a business trip. If you wish to become a regular contributor or an artist who wants to execute a long-term project here, you can email at and an invitation to join the wiki editing team will be offered.

Rules of the wiki:

You may only add art pieces to this wiki but not subtract art pieces without permission. This is to prevent defacement by other artists/contributors and to prevent "wiki wars."
Art pieces can be edited as time goes on but cannot be removed from here without permission. Ideally, we would prefer to keep a good record of all of the artwork that has been posted as part of the online magazine.
Also, no artwork can be censored from this magazine. You cannot ask to remove another artist's work.
Contributors and moderators are the only ones who can lock in or edit art pieces.
All artists/contributors will be credited in full with the appropriate attribution within the wiki. If a moderator deletes an attribution without just cause, he or she will be removed from the team immediately.
All images will be resized to 700 pixels for the maximum width  so that photos do not get cropped when we convert the pages to pdf format for the print version.

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