Who Is the Anarcho-Nihilist?

From “L'Esplosione”,

an anarcho-nihilist paper of subversive insurrectional corresponence

He's someone who has two parallel lives,

but one of them wants the other one's head.

And, just like in certain old fairy tales, there is

a murderous “demon” in him, puffing like a dragon.

But it is a sincere “demon,” that, real or not,

wanders through the night

hidden in our midst.

And if everything is hopeless,

and if everything moves toward destruction,

he is an effervescent “human bomb,”

who might explode at any moment

against society!

Sweet and ruthless at the same time, he keeps himself distant

from the love and kindness of those who would like to domestic him.

He is relentless:

he has no fashion, tact or grace.

He doesn't forgive.

Like an outlaw, he follows his own code.

He grants you the opportunity of putting your hands up before he shoots you.

But most are to terrorized to raise them.

They get mowed down.

This is his monstrous side,

which makes him seem to your eyes

ruthless and perverse.

But inside the puffing dragon hides a prince

who suffers from the smallest cruelty or injustice.

Inside his so very instinctive,

so very explosive animal,

lives a tender and sensitive soul

that has quickly learned to wrap itself up

in a cloak of fire

to protect its living flesh.

In railing against the how intolerable this world is,

no one is more

cynical, cruel and venomous than him.

In his iconoclastic fury, serpents froth

from every pore,

and his rebellion against each and all

has something of madness.

But behind the chaos and madness on the surface

the logic and will of the boldest of creators hides.

This “demon” with his wicked thought

is an artist of life,

he exclusively speaks the language of fire

and rebellion.

He feels that he must create the space to make himself heard,

and ears that hear, and this is why

he keeps company with “dynamite” and takes it

as his mate.

He knows that he has to create with sacrifice

sometimes of his own being

the awareness of the value and dignity

the the words “freedom” and “human”

once implied.

He has never recognized the phantoms

created by fear and confusion

that men call “enemy.”

Because no one knows better than he that

the enemy of man is man.”

There is now in him

a raging awareness:

his own and other people's liberation does not depend

on the consent of the multitude,

but solely on the immediate disintegration

of everything that governs

and administers this old world,

and that is strangling us all.

No, he couldn't surrender

even if he wanted to:

there is no other surrender – for him – but death.

And you,

if through your poisonous indifference

and inertia

you let the “monsters” who now have

power continue

to use ever more refined and deadly

tools of destruction

against the weak, the defenseless, the helpless,

when their target is entire populations,

the, dear sirs and madams, it seems to me that he has

all the reason

in the world to explode

in the way most harmonious with him

at the time he determines, without warning.

No, there are no innocents!

The time and place of creation are here and now.

And, every insurgent of the will to live,

moves in a “circle of visible destinies,”

lord of the realm of life without slaves.