Better Without Them

A day without poor and precarious, “legal” or undocumented foreigners: we don’t want that. It would be like a rainbow without colors; if not an absurdity, definitely a bore.


What we want is a life without the rich and arrogant foreigners, whether they be the executives of multinational corporations in search of business ventures or the generals of armies in search of military bases.


What we want is a life without fascists and mafiosi, hired killers who practice ethnic cleansing and incite black-hunts on the orders of their puppet-masters, and not just in Rosarno.


What we want is a life without priests or godfathers, without religious men who “welcome” the neighbors with the aim of managing, controlling, exploiting, indoctrinating them.


What we want is a life without bosses, employers who, in the prosperous north as in the deep south, exploit labor at low cost given by those who are blackmailed by the need to survive or to have a residence permit.


What we want is a life without trade unions, bureaucrats who appreciate nothing about immigrants except the sweat of the “house niggers” indispensable to the well-being of an economy that has devastated the planet.


What we want is a life without judges, like Andrea Padalino, who has just incriminated dozens of anarchists, having six of them arrested in Torino, guilty of having protested with determination and continuity—in the streets, through radio microphones and on the internet—against the infamy of the state concentration camps called CIE, Centers of Identification and Expulsion.


What we want is a life without mayors, administrators of horror who in Coccaglio want a White Christmas, in Goito want nursery schools only for christian children, in Milano, Bologna, Rome and Firenze, evict Rom camps.


What we want is a life without the forces of order; no more cops who arrest, humiliate, beat up, rape and murder anyone who had had the misfortune of being born elsewhere and being poor.


What we want is a life without politicians: the president with the red flag, who establishes the concentration camps, cleared away; the minister with the green shirt* who pushes immigrants escaping misery back into the seas, gotten rid of; the premier in the blue double-breasted suit, who passes new racial laws, gotten out of the way; so we are free of them and their rivals.


In short, what we want is a life where there is no place for the powerful and for racists. It isn’t a question of attracting (their?) attention in order to beg for some right, it’s a question of stopping them in order to realize our freedom. 24 hours without us is not sufficient. Better life without them.


Solidarity to the anarchists arrested in Torino. Close down the CIEs. Freedom for all.
Old fascists wore black shirts, today militants of Lega Nord wear green shirts.