Here I will be placing translations from the anarchist website, Finimondo. Here is the translation of the "method of use" for the site that its creators posted there:

Method of Use

Finimondo is a wager, because it is born under the sign of contradiction. It is a website, a telecommunications tool, but it will get filled in by individuals who are hostile to technology. It will contain anarchist and subversive texts, but it will keep its distance from all forms of militancy. It will be continually updated, but with the intention of getting away from the rush of current news. The place of the ephemeral consumed in a click, but to be used in a determined creation.

Its method of use is thus one of the most simple. Anyone who is searching for unknown lands, illuminated in detail or only hinted at, will have to do no more than dig into its various sections. There he or she will discover thoughts, feelings, events and personalities, unknown and forgotten, coming from the past or the present. Something on which to reflect, something to use. A kind of virtual space where it will be possible to again find who or what has been lost from view or to make new acquaintances.

Anyone who should only have need of a good calendar on which to read the dates of the movement, that's a long way from here. Finimondo will not host any bulletin board of announcements relating to rallies, or assemblies, or dinners, or concerts, or whatever else. Nor will the various more or less high-flown communiqués that distinguish the life of the movement (the account of a demonstration, the proclaimed solidarity with the arrested...) get published. There are already other sites that report them, for those who are interested, and we don't see the need to imitate them. For this reason, we will give space to initiatives “of struggle” only when their announcement is accompanied by something more than circumstantial slogans. What is lacking (to us) is not so much news on the events of the world, as ideas that could shake it up. We will publish what we like, or what we find stimulating without fully agreeing with it, and the news will also be selected by our good or bad taste. Trying to contribute to the site is easy, it is enough to send material to our address, but to succeed is not automatic like pushing a button.

Finimondo doesn't have the hypocrisy of wanting to represent all and isn't at all the project of some group or “area.” Before anything else, we are individuals: none of us wants to renounce his or her particularity. Among those who collaborate here, there is no assured affinity taken for granted, if anything, the sharing of a few minimum certainties: that freedom and authority are incompatible, for example, or that politics – professional or amateur – deserve only contempt. With everything that this entails.

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