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Milk And Cookies Ny

milk and cookies ny
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Bone Cookies
Bone Cookies
I saw these cookies at Termini Brothers in the Terminal Market on Halloween. They were marked Osso di Morta, or Bones of the Dead--hard clove-flavored cookies baked as a traditional All Souls' Day (November 2nd) treat. I've seen numerous variations on the spelling (Ossi di Morte, for example), and some recipes indicate that variations include hazelnut flavors rather than clove. It seems they are not common to all regions of Italy, and may be primarily Piedmontese.
Cookies for Corinna's 9th Birthday
Cookies for Corinna's 9th Birthday
This tray was for a woman at our church who won 2 dozen decorated cookies (donated by ME!) at our church's raffle last summer. She finally cashed in! Being picked up today!

milk and cookies ny
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